Learn more about creating and promoting events and fundraisers

Why Donor Journey Maps are Essential to Fundraising Success

Explore donor journey mapping using targeted donor personas and how employing this strategy can help you achieve your fundraising goals.

6 Creative Winter Peer-To-Peer Fundraising Ideas

Everyone’s looking for ways to make good on the new year’s intention of giving back. Inspire them with these 6 Peer-To-Peer Fundraising ideas!

How To Create A Social Media Challenge For Your Fundraiser

Create a social media challenge for your nonprofit! Get tips to help you develop a challenge and how to use one to fundraise.

Valentine’s Day (and Anti-Valentine’s Day) Movie Night Event Ideas

Host a Valentine’s Day event everyone will love (and will help business) with a rom-Com/Anti-Love movie night. We’ll show you how!

How to Prevent Volunteer Burnout: 6 Helpful Strategies

What do you do when your volunteers lose interest and disengage? Use our 6 strategies to address volunteer burnout.

New Years Eve Fundraising—3 Last-Minute Ideas For Your Bash

Celebrate while making a difference by incorporating creative New Year’s Eve fundraising ideas into your NYE events; read to find out how!)

5 Ways to Thank Your Donors for Their Support

Thanking donors helps to stave off dreaded donor fatigue and nurture donor retention. Here are 5 ways you can show your gratitude.

Infographic—Nonprofit Payment Processing Explained

A handy infographic created especially to help nonprofits understand payment processing and better evaluate the available tools.

6 Actionable Steps Your Nonprofit Can Take To Engage Gen Z

Wondering how your nonprofit can engage with Gen Z starting now? Check our 6 actionable steps and access tons of resources and information.

5 Strategies to Combat Donor Fatigue and Attract New Donors

What do you do about donor fatigue? Get advice from Sun Tzu, nonprofit experts, and 5 ways to remedy the situation.

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