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Run a seamless online raffle

Create a virtual raffle page, sell tickets online, and reach your fundraising goal

Take your organization’s fundraising raffle to the next level

Boost ticket sales with a raffle platform that packs a promotional punch

Promotion. Get the word out with social sharing and accept donations from mobile devices via text-to-give.


Viral sharing. Empower donors to become ambassadors for your cause! Create incentives for donors and prompt them to share your fundraiser on social media networks.


Tickets. Create custom printed raffle tickets with one of 100s of our easy-to-use templates.


Prizes. Showcase your stellar raffle prizes with images and text.

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Boost ticket sales with powerful features

Manage your raffle

Manage all aspects of your fundraising raffle from custom calls-to-action and listing prizes to automatically or manually drawing winners.

Flexible drawing

When your online raffle is over, choose to draw winners yourself, or have our system draw them automatically.  

Branded content

Customize your raffle fundraising page for your brand. Add your own logo, banner image, and customize your URL.

Team fundraising

Enable peer to peer fundraising and track progress as well as reward the top teams with prizes.


Hands-on support

Our team is here to guide you every step of the way to create an online raffle and put our powerful software to work.

For nonprofits

Raffle fundraisers are built  specifically for nonprofits.  Learn more how we tailor our platform to chapter-based nonprofits


How much does running a raffle cost?





Stripe payment processing

2.2-2.9% + $0.30 per transaction


Our ingenious tipping system allows the generosity of donors to cover platform costs.



  • Completely optional
  • Donors may leave a tip during checkout
  • Complete access to all features ono the platform
  • If donors don’t leave a tip, you still don’t have to pay the service fees


Set a fixed percent for your campaign and decide who will cover the fee.



  • Choose who pays the fee
  • 7.5% of raffle purchases
  • Great for large organizations with set budgets
  • If donors pay, there’s no cost to you!

Stripe will deduct 2.2% + 30¢ to process each credit card transaction (or 2.9% + 30¢ if not a nonprofit)

Frequently Asked Questions

Creating your first Eventgroove Fundraising raffle?

Here are answers to our most often asked questions.

Is it legal to run a raffle?

Federal regulations allow 501(c)(3) nonprofits to run raffles, but each state (and sometimes a city or county) has its own regulations.

Contact us for guidance if you want more information. We can’t give you legal advice, but we can provide orientation and general guidelines.

What’s the difference between an entry and a ticket?

Tickets are not the same as entries. You can sell multiple entries in a single ticket. At Eventgroove Fundraising, one entry means that you have one chance to win. So, one ticket can carry many chances to win for your donor.

For instance, a $10 ticket can carry 10 entries for your donor (or 10 chances to win). You decide on the entry value. We find that offering more entries per ticket has a positive impact on sales!

When you assign an entry value to your tickets, it also makes it possible to offer entries as an incentive for people to promote your raffle, at no extra cost or impact to your ticket price.

How do I know the drawing is random?

When you create an online raffle with Eventgroove Fundraising, our system uses an impartial, verified randomization algorithm for choosing winners. 

It’s the most unbiased way to draw raffle winners, and all entries and ticket sales (printed or virtual) are accounted for when the draw is done. 

Our algorithm has also been tested and certified as random by a third-party testing facility.

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