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6 steps to event success

Create an online event page in fifteen minutes

Efficient event setup

1. Create an account

Click ‘Create Event’, provide your name and email, and enjoy full access to the entire platform!

2. Event info

Enter basic information about your event: name, date, time, etc. Selling tickets? Make sure to select Ticketed under Event Type.

3. Venue

Tell visitors about your venue or online event. Reserved seating? Our friendly support staff will reach out to help you set it up.

4. Ticketing

Add as many ticket types as you like. Include basic info about pricing and quantity. Check advanced options for more customization.

5. Payments

Tell us how you prefer to be paid. Based on your event specs, one of our payment options may work better than the other.

6. Publish

Congratulations, your event page is ready to go live! Check out your event dashboard to share, send email invites, view analytics, and more!

Beautiful event pages


Add your event image


Add a banner image


Customize your background


Mobile optimized


Check out your dashboard to maximize your event’s impact

Grant access to your team so they can help manage your event

Check out promotion tools like widgets and social sharing

Email supporters! Use our email tool or try one of our integrations

Access real-time ticket sales and other analytics

Track complimentary and off-line tickets sold

Easily see your guest lists, ticket sales and orders


Real people, great events.