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The Easter holiday is just around the corner! It’s a perfect time for reflection and connecting with your congregation and community. It’s also an opportunity to inspire support for your church and the good work it does. Whether you’re planning a big church event or just want to add a new fundraiser into the mix, these Easter fundraising ideas will help you jump into spring fundraising!

5 creative Easter fundraising ideas

Number 1

Reverse Lent Social Media Challenge

Challenge congregants to give back to the community in a meaningful way. Your challenge could be anything from spreading kindness through friendly words or mowing a neighbor’s lawn to walking shelter dogs. Ask people to post pictures of themselves on social media with your unique challenge hashtag. Participants can also make their own fundraising pages and ask for donations in support of their challenge. Need more information abotu social media challenges? Read How to Create a Social Media Challenge for Your Fundraiser

Number 2

Donation Drive

Collect donations for a local food bank or soup kitchen in person or by using a crowdfunding page. A donation drive is a great way to involve the whole community and help those in need this Easter season. To promote your donation drive, post on social media and in your church newsletter. Another great marketing idea is to order posters printed with a QR code that, once scanned, directs to your crowdfunding page.
Number 3

Easter Basket Raffle

Run an Easter basket raffle or tricky tray for which you will sell tickets online and in-person (a hybrid raffle). These work really well since folks can buy a sheet of tickets or a virtual ticket bundle and enter to win more than one prize! Our article What is a Tricky Tray Fundraiser is a great resource to get started! Promote your raffle through social media, flyers printed with QR codes, and email. All the money raised can go towards your chosen charity or cause.
Number 4

A Get Bunny With It A-thon

Choose an accessible A-thon activity such as walking (or for those in a wheelchair, rolling) and invite congregants and the community to join in! Launch this fun event as a hybrid fundraiser so that people can participate wherever they are and whenever convenient. To create a sense of community, supplement the fundraise-from-home aspect with a date on which everyone walks together in a local park. Use a fundraising platform so that participants can ask for pledges from friends and family through their social media and personal networks.
Number 5

A Spring Bloom Sale

Flowers are a beautiful symbol of spring and renewal! Sell bulbs, shrubs (such as azaleas), and other plants to your congregation and wider community. Using a fundraising platform, you can set up a sale fundraiser that enables anyone to purchase your flora and pick it up later. If you’ve got some green thumbs within your congregation, you can even offer a livestream Gardening 101 class. You can also offer their expertise for sale as a consultant to people who need direction on how to plant thier newly acquired flowers!
We hope the above Easter fundraiser ideas inspire an event or are a starting point for a great brainstorming session! If you’d like help on how to market your church fundraiser, read through our articles How to Promote Your Fundraiser on Social Media, How to Use QR Codes to Cook Up a Great Fundraiser, and Market Your Hybrid Raffle Using These Key Tips.