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8 Marketing Strategies that Increase Event Ticket Sales

March 24, 2023

As an event organizer, you want a lot of things to come together, but selling lots of tickets (and, thus, having a lot of event attendees) is at the top of the list! So, in addition to social media ads and postings, how do you reach a wider audience? Read on for eight ways you can level up your event marketing strategy and increase ticket sales.

8 Event Promotion Ideas That Boost Ticket Sales

Number 1

Create a sense of urgency.

Flash ticket deals are a tried-and-true way to inspire ticket sales! Think early bird discounts or special prices just because it’s Friday. For example, you could set the end-of-week ticket discount code to FriYay, and anyone who plugs that in during the promotional period would get the discounted ticket price. Use posts on your social media platforms and email list to market special offers. Remember to include a link to your event page in your messaging.

Number 2

Special ticket prices.

BOGOs and ticket bundles are another effective way to give event attendance a bump. Offer a buy one (or however many you choose), get one free. Or you could do a promotion geared toward families and friend groups, such as a discount to the ticket price when 4 or 5 tickets are purchased together.

Number 3

Host giveaways.

Free tickets will always grab attention. Make your giveaway extra enticing by creating an experience around the prize. Winners could receive VIP access backstage, free dinner, or a swag-filled goodie bag. This strategy is most effective as a social media promotion—use all your social channels to spread the word and augment it via email.

Number 4

Collaborate with influencers.

Influencer marketing is a strategy in which you partner with people whose social media following would be interested in your event. We don’t mean you need to get someone with millions of followers. Instead, focus on local influencers or those in your industry or niche. Doing so will increase your reach and credibility among your target audience. Constant Contact has a helpful guide to influencer marketing that shows you the ins and outs. 

Number 5

Go IRL with QR code marketing.

Printed materials with QR codes are an effective way to increase brand awareness and augment ticket sales. Custom printed posters, flyers, and postcards are all affordable and great ways to widen your reach within the community. Additionally, QR codes are super effective—all potential attendees have to do is scan the code and boom! They’re on your event site buying tickets and getting information.

Number 6

Partner with a cause.

Not only is supporting a local nonprofit a good thing to do, but people tend to respond positively to socially responsible businesses. Plus, by tapping into your chosen cause’s networks, you’re reaching a wider audience. For example, you could donate a portion of ticket or swag sale proceeds, or you could run a raffle or sweepstakes at (or leading up to) your event. Depending on your event platform, you can also offer attendees the option of adding a donation to their total ticket price.

Number 7

Leverage email marketing.

One of the most overlooked marketing channels is email. We often focus on social media as the event promotion heavy hitter, but email is incredibly effective! Not only is it a great way to reach your audience directly, but it’s also a low-cost way to increase your brand awareness. Use attendees’ emails from previous events and collect new email addresses through your website and social media. Check out the Digital Marketing Insititute’s  Email Marketing Tips & Examples for 2023  for ideas. 

Number 8

Use an event platform.

Like any internet purchase, people want to know their transaction is secure and that the ticket seller is legitimate. Accomplish both of those things with an online ticketing platform and an informative, compelling event page. Additionally, all of the above event promotion efforts are infinitely more simple when you use an event ticketing platform like Eventgroove!

Incorporating any of the above into your event marketing efforts will result in greater brand awareness and more event attendees! Consider what your target audience likes and how you think it would respond to different types of content. Then, try different things until you find one that works!

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