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Celebrate Mother’s Day! 6 Event Ideas + Bonus Fundraising Components!

April 10, 2023

Whether they’re our biological mom or like a mom, Mother’s Day is a special occasion to celebrate the incredible women in our lives. Everyone will want to do something special the weekend of that Sunday in May (it’s on the 14th this year, in case you were wondering!). Help them mark the occasion with a fun event—if you’re coming up blank for ideas, we can help!

To inspire your plans, we’ve got six creative Mother’s Day event ideas below. Each includes a suggestion on how to incorporate a fundraising element. It’s a wonderful way to honor a mother’s positive impact and also help your community. As a bonus, we’ve also shared a few Mother’s Day event marketing tips!

6 Mother’s Day Event Ideas + Optional Fundraising Elements

Number 1

Hiking Adventure.

Choose a scenic trail in a nearby park or nature reserve and plan a hike! All Trails is a great resource—you can search by location and hike difficulty. Once you’ve got the route planned, create an event page and invite those on your email list and in your social media networks. Set up a crowdfunding page and encourage everyone to give toward an important cause related to the outdoors, such as your local Boys & Girls Club Camp!

Number 2

Yoga Session

Moms deserve some meditative relaxation and stretching! Consider organizing an outdoor yoga session or partnering with a local yoga studio to host a yoga class. You can use an events and fundraising platform like Eventgtoove to create a donation page for the event. Ask the participants to donate to the cause and pay for the instructor.

Number 3

Flower-Arranging Workshop.

Get hands on and unleash your creativity with a flower-arranging workshop. Book a local floral designer to show a group of moms and their kids how to create stunning floral arrangements. The event could take place in your shop or business, or you could partner with a local eatery and use their space. Use your event platform to add the option to donate along with the ticket purchase.
Number 4

TikTock Dance Class.

Set up a fun dance class for moms and their friends to learn all the TikTok dances! Find an experienced and enthusiastic dance instructor to host the class, and even create a video to share on TikTok. Make it easy for attendees to register by setting up an event page using an events platform. Turn the event into one that also benefits your chosen cause by creating a custom donation page. It can be as simple as adding a link to your website, or you can use a fundraising platform like Eventgroove to track donations and send donors a thank-you message.
Number 5

Pottery Workshop.

Set up a pottery session for your mom and her friends. Find a pottery artist who can host the event and teach a variety of techniques. Gather materials such as clay, glazes, and tools to make the experience even more enjoyable. Use an event platform to invite your mom’s friends and create a registration form for your event.

Number 6

Stroll, Sip, and Shop!

Browsing boutiques is always a good idea. Partner with other local businesses to create a Mother’s Day shopping experience. Create special printed coupons for moms attending so they can access great deals. Team up with a cafe to offer an irresistible prix fixe brunch, lunch, or high tea. A part of the proceeds from tickets purchased for the meal and merchandise sales can go toward your cause. Alternatively, consider running a raffle. People can buy raffle tickets at any of the participating businesses, with the proceeds going back to the charity.

Mother’s Day Event Marketing Tips

  • Send out invitations. Printed invitations have a way of making things feel a bit more special.
  • Promote on social media. Make sure to include a hashtag that people can use when posting about the event.
  • Create an event website. It will give people an easy way to find out more information, register (if it’s free), and purchase tickets (if necessary).
  • Send out press releases. Doing so will get the word out to local media. Make sure to include a call to action in your press release. Let people know what you’d like them to do, such as purchase tickets or donate money to the charity.
  • Include the event on your website and in your email signature. This may help you capture last-minute attendees.
  • Utilize printed posters. Printed marketing materials are a great way to reach more people in your community. Remember to include a QR code directing visitors to your event site where they can get more details, register if it’s a free event, or buy tickets!
We hope our event ideas help you plan a terrific Mother’s Day event. If you try any of them or have a successful event you’d like to share, email us! We’d love to hear about it.

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