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Event Organizers

Your all-in-one event management and  ticketing solution

You’ve got a lot on your plate. Simplify event management and online ticket sales with a platform built to excel at both. Set up events for free—we make money only on event tickets sold. When you run free events, there’s zero cost.


No Cost

You can choose to pass our service fee (2.0% + $0.50 per ticket) and processing fee on to your ticket buyers, which makes use of our platform free—there are no hidden fees or contracts. Plus, when you host free events with free tickets, there are no fees. Zero.

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Online Ticketing, Simplified

Sign up for your free account and create your customized event page using our user-friendly dashboard. You’ll instantly have access to all our event promotions and management tools. Your initial setup won’t take long—expect to start selling tickets within 10 minutes.

Eventgroove Events Features→

So much easier to use than your competitors: love the CSV export feature, again much better than other event management platforms I’ve tried.

Sonya W.
Very happy – we are small and all volunteer so we need economy of scale and ease of use.
Joan F.

A great opportunity for a small event to have someone purchase tickets without it having to be done through a small organization! Thank you!

Cyndi G.

Sell tickets online and manage all your events

Whether you’ve got 10 attendees or 10,000, our all-in-one solution simplifies ticketing, check-in, and event management.

Sell tickets and manage your events with one simple-to-use ticketing platform.

Offer VIP passes, reserved seating, free tickets, and early bird tickets.

Stay in the green with free ticketing for free events and low-cost ticketing for paid events.

Leverage our Eventgroove Products integration to print custom event tickets, wristbands, and more for your events.

Add an additional event revenue stream by cross-selling merchandise to attendees.

Experience friendly, helpful customer support from our Montana-based team.

Your Challenges, Our Solutions

Stay in the green

The key to a successful event is effective marketing, so our online ticketing platform has promotional tools built right in. Text your guests with Twilio, track sales from digital ads and affiliates, and send marketing emails to a list of invitees. Our print-on-demand integration means you can print direct mail postcards and posters with QR codes connected to your online ticket sales page. Simply transfer your event data to Eventgroove Products to seamlessly create high-quality, affordable printed marketing materials.

Easy-to-use online ticketing and event pages

Configure your branded event page and start selling tickets—it's as easy as that. Your guests will experience a fluid interface and a secure payment processing. Whether you’re selling general admission concert tickets, want guests to reserve seats from a custom seating chart, or are assigning gala tables, you can do it all with Eventgroove. Additionally, if you run a free event, there are no ticketing costs!

Event Data and Reporting

Know who you’re selling tickets to, which marketing channels drive ticket sales, and leverage real-time reporting for peace of mind on event day. Our platform features a suite of on-demand reports designed to illuminate actionable insights.

Day-of Staff and Volunteer Onboarding

Cut down on event-day chaos and deliver a great event experience by bringing new staff and volunteers up to speed in a flash. Our easy-to-use ticketing platform with no-download mobile check-in makes it easy for new day-of staff and volunteers to get to work almost right away.

How It Works

Create your event and start selling tickets in minutes. Need help? Check out our article on how to create your first event. Our team members are always standing by to answer any questions you have.