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Why Eventgroove Ecommerce?

You’d love to increase your organization’s revenue through ecommerce, but hiring a coding, design, and fulfillment team isn’t a thing.

With Eventgroove Ecommerce, you can sell merch to fans through a retail storefront and enable your team to order brand-approved tickets and posters through a private storefront. We’re a free-to-use (really), end-to-end ecommerce platform. You select the custom products you want to sell, we handle the transactions, processing, and order fulfillment—you don’t need to warehouse printed material or products. Plus, Eventgroove Ecommerce is integrated right into our events and fundraising platforms, so you can do more…seamlessly.

Our commitment to user-friendly excellence extends to everything we do.

You’re welcome to set your stand-alone retail storefront on your own, or you can ask us to do the heavy lifting. If you’re thinking a private storefront with branded event badges, posters, and VIP passes would be extremely handy for your distributed teams, we can set that up, too. Either way, setting up and launching your online store is free. On top of that, if you find you need help or have questions, a friendly person on our Montana-based customer service team is there to help.

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 Your success is our success–that’s a belief on which we’ve built our business, and our pricing reflects that.

Whether you’re a single event planner or a large, distributed organization, you’ll find our customer support, ease of use, and efficacy are second to none. Your success is our success—that’s a belief on which we’ve built our business, and our ecommerce pricing reflects that. There are no contracts, commitments, or upfront costs to use Eventgroove. There’s zero cost to set up print-on-demand stores (even if we do it for you), and our simple, low-pricing structure is based on a percentage of the cost of custom products sold. In other words, we make money only when you do.

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