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New Years Eve Fundraising—3 Last-Minute Ideas For Your Bash

New Year’s Eve is a time to come together to see off the past and bring in the future with a bang. Whether you’re planning your own NYE event or supporting someone else’s, there are many ways to make your event as charitable as possible. Although December 31 is just days away, it’s not too late!

Here are three last-minute ways to add a fundraising element to your night of revelry.

Last-Minute New Year’s Eve Fundraising Ideas

Number 1

Utilize a text-to-donate campaign.

With the help of a text message campaign and fundraising page, you can easily collect donations from attendees over the course of the night. This is a simple and convenient way for people to give back without ever having to leave the dancefloor or snack table. You can even create an online donation form so that those who are watching the ball drop from home can contribute!

Number 2

Host a 50/50 raffle.

Who wouldn’t want to start 2023 with a little windfall? A 50/50 raffle provides participants with an opportunity to win some cash while helping out your charity at the same time! If it’s legal in your state, you can run one online or pick up some roll tickets at a party store and sell those at the door. Drop the stubs in a hat and pick the lucky winner just before the clock strikes 12.
Number 3

Resolve to start a new habit.

This is a great fundraiser since it’ll roll on long after the confetti and champagne are cleared away. Use a peer-to-peer fundraiser to inspire everyone to commit to a healthy habit for January, such as walking a mile each day or hitting the gym five hours a week. Supporters can donate per step, per mile, or per hour of activity, and participants can share their fundraising page (and their commitment to a new habit) on social media, helping them to be accountable and helping you to raise money for your cause. (For more about peer-to-peer fundraising, check out Peer-To-Peer Fundraising and Your Nonprofit: Why It’s Amazing and How To Use It).

Thanks for reading!
We hope these ideas help you start the new year on the right foot! For more fundraising ideas, browse our blog or follow us on Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn.

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