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National Nonprofits

A one-stop fundraising program management solution for nonprofit organizations.

Your nonprofit’s online fundraising efforts are managed by teams across the country. You need an efficient way to make it easier for them to raise funds and drive growth successfully. Our fundraising platform is purpose-built to meet the unique needs of chapter-based organizations.

Simplify, monetize, and scale with Eventgroove!


We ensure all touchpoints are on-brand, teams are in sync, and the tedious tasks get done. This reduces your parent organization’s overhead and empowers your individual chapters to drive membership and raise funds.

Reach Goals

Transform your national organization’s fundraising program into a revenue stream. Our solution enables data collection, print-on-demand ecommerce, and event ticketing and management.



To grow successfully, your fundraising program must be on-brand and seamlessly operated by local chapters. Our all-in-one platform streamlines brand management and workflows, enabling you to scale.
Eventgroove did a lot to allow us to sell out in 10 days–we sold $40,000 in tickets in 10 days.

Andy Marlatt
Branford Rotary

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Manage your entire fundraising program

Whether you’re running a national association, sports team, film tour, or other chapter-based organizations, Eventgroove can help simplify—both at HQ and at the local level.
  • Manage and support all your multi-tiered organization’s fundraising events with one platform.
  • Create fundraiser templates that your team can click to copy to produce events at scale.
  • Collect dues and member fees with event ticket sales.
  • Maintain brand continuity through shared event templates and branded assets.
  • Enable a private storefront populated with event badges, tickets, and more branded to your organization. Your team members can order what they need for their events.

Your Challenges, Our Solutions

Managing your fundraising program is like herding cats

Streamline workflows across your entire fundraising program with a single, integrated solution. As the parent organization, you assign roles to local leaders and volunteers, then designate permissions. You can review and manage all your chapters' activity from one place. Registration and ticketing, check-in, marketing, and data collection are managed across your entire organizational structure. With those needs met, your chapters can work autonomously to produce successful fundraisers and events that boost new membership and raise money.

Lack of brand uniformity

Achieve consistent branding across your organization’s fundraising and membership program through shared assets, fundraiser and event templates, and a private drop-ship ecommerce storefront. You control the branding and fundraising templates—teams at the local level can copy and create repeated, successful events at scale.

Donor Fatigue

Expand your organization's reach to potential members and donors by adding peer-to-peer fundraising to any campaign type to level up engagement and participation.

Inconsistent donor experience

Deliver a terrific donor experience to each member and supporter throughout your chapter network, campaign, or amount raised though standardized templates and seamless, secure registration and payment processing.

Chapter fundraising fatigue

Take the effort and tedium out of your chapter’s day-to-day. Provide reusable fundraiser templates local chapters can click to copy and then customize to produce fundraisers at scale. Enable a private ecommerce storefront populated with brand-approved event ticket, poster, badge, and invitation templates. Team members can simply customize and order. We print and dropship, so there’s no need to store printed materials.

All your data in one place

Collect donor, member, and event data across your organization with one consolidated fundraising platform. It can be easily fed into your CRM through our flexible webhooks for CRM integrations. All your data is yours—we neither hold on nor have access to it.

Disparate solutions to manage your fundraising program

Ditch toggling between services, software, and platforms to run your national fundraising program across a wide nonprofit chapter network. Use a single, all-in-one solution purpose-built to simplify running a chapter organization's fundraising program. Whether you’re running online, offline, or multiple campaign types, you can do it all with Eventgroove.

Bring new team members up to speed

Change happens—make transitions seamless for local leaders as possible by reducing training requirements. User-friendly templates and clear, set workflows make setting up and executing fundraisers a snap.

How Onboarding Works

Rolling out a new technology solution to your team can be daunting. Our onboarding process makes the transition as painless as possible. We’ll do most of the work—with input from you— and give you a little homework to make sure you understand how everything works. Typically, you’ll be up and running within two weeks.

Discovery & Onboarding


Configuration & Training


Partnership & Support