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Why Eventgroove Fundraising?

You’re passionate about making a difference and connecting with supporters, but getting bogged down with fundraising tasks? Not so much.

When you’re setting up online and in-person fundraisers, it needs to be easy—and then even easier to manage and market them. You want to deliver great fundraising experiences that represent your cause, resonate with your donors, and reach new supporters. And when you host fundraising events, you want the flexibility to go online, in-person, or both. Do it all with Eventgroove! We’re more than a fundraising platform—we’re an all-in-one solution built to help nonprofits small and large succeed.

Our commitment to user-friendly excellence extends to everything we do.

You don’t need design skills to create mobile-optimized fundraising pages customized to your brand, utilize peer-to-peer, access on-demand reports, or use our marketing and engagement tools. On top of that, if you find you need help or have questions, you’ll speak to a friendly person on our Montana-based customer support team who cares about your event.

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Your success is our success—that’s a belief on which we’ve built our business, and our pricing reflects that.

Whether you’re a small nonprofit or a global organization, you’ll find our customer support, ease of use, and efficacy are second to none. There are zero setup fees and no upfront or ongoing charges. Ever. Our simple tipping system offers donors the option to cover platform service fees, and our 7.5% pricing structure for auctions is capped at $100 per item. In other words, we make money only when you receive donations. Period.

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