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SaaS Platform Empowers Customers for Post-COVID Future of In-Person, Virtual and Hybrid Events with Success Pricing Model

Bozeman, Mont., Feb. 11, 2021 (PR NEWSWIRE) — Eventgroove—whose mission is to help its customers execute wildly successful events and fundraisers with less cost and hassle, all under the customer’s brand—announced today the launch of their one-stop platform, which seamlessly integrates Eventgroove’s services for event managementfundraising, and ecommerce. The platform launch comes at a time when global enterprises and large nonprofits are planning their 2021 event operations for virtual, in-person (live) and hybrid events.

As organizations have navigated changes to their events caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, they have often been forced to cobble together multiple tools, some of them hastily built, in order to create virtual events. These tools often provide solutions to only a fraction of the need, creating integration headaches for clients who also have to watch their own brand identities play second fiddle to those of tools they’re using. Now that organizations are starting to plan for the post-pandemic future of events, it’s clear that they will need a long-term, comprehensive solution that can seamlessly integrate virtual, hybrid, and in-person events at scale.

“As a SaaS company with over 76,000 customers, we are pioneering a radical customer-centric approach based on true partnership during both good and tough times,” says Lance Trebesch, CEO of Eventgroove.

First, our customers only pay us when they make money through a ticket sale or donation. No upfront, setup, ongoing charges, or long-term lock-in contracts.

Second, our comprehensive private-label capabilities empower their brands, to be front, center, and everywhere, which leads to higher trust and revenue from their members and attendees.

Third, our platform architecture enables organizations to build and run their core operations with enterprise management and control at the national, regional, and local levels.

Finally, we are integration driven. We seamlessly integrate with our customers’ CRM systems so that they continue to own membership and attendee data while we enable more powerful marketing.

No one else is offering a platform like this with no strings attached.”

The scalability of the platform is crucial to the success of Ducks Unlimited, one of the largest national nonprofits and event aggregators in the US, with over 2,200 chapters, 6,000 annual events, and 700,000 members.

“We have complex event managementfundraising, and ecommerce needs in normal times, but especially in COVID-19,” says Amy Batson, Chief Fundraising Officer.  “Eventgroove gives us multilevel management and control from national to regional to local; a complete private label experience with the Ducks Unlimited brand front and center; the ability to scale across thousands of events, CRM integration, and aligned partner pricing. Eventgroove is the only SaaS platform to do it all.”

With the launch of its integrated platform, Eventgroove now allows customers to customize at a hyper-local level while still maintaining brand and messaging standards at a global scale. Customers can manage eventswith full registration and ticketing features and powerful marketing tools. Six fundraising campaign options allow customers to seamlessly integrate online and in-person fundraising with their events, without ever having to wait for payments to be released. Lastly, full ecommerce storefronts for merchandise and event products create a new revenue stream for event aggregators.

The value of the platform is built on Eventgroove’s 21 years in the events and fundraising space, and that level of experience isn’t lost on Brian Essling, Director of Membership Services at Pheasants Forever – Quail Forever.

“Eventgroove gives us an integrated platform for the long term, not a one-off virtual solution during COVID-19,” says Essling. “The platform is scalable, integrates to our CRM, is incredibly user friendly, and is fundamentally improving our enterprise operations. Eventgroove scales from a chapter virtual Membership Drive to our national convention, Pheasant Fest – Quail Classic, with over 35,000 attendees, and we only pay Eventgroove when we are successful: when a patron buys a ticket or donates. Eventgroove is a true long-term partner for our nonprofit mission.”

For long-term partners like Trout Unlimited, Eventgroove is the fundamental driver of their events and fundraising strategy. “We wouldn’t be able to have our 420 chapters and councils running more than 9,000 events with over 600,000 attendees across the country every year without Eventgroove’s integrated platform and the solutions it provides Trout Unlimited, from on-demand ecommerce (merchandise, poster, and postcard printing) to robust online event management and registration with multi-tier organizational control, to easy and effective online fundraising. All under the Trout Unlimited brand”, says Jeffrey Yates, Director of Volunteer Operations for Trout Unlimited.

While Eventgroove is helping customers adjust to the pandemic’s virtual-only landscape, Trebesch says the company is gearing up for a future where the distinction between virtual and in-person events begins to blur. “All of our customers across our six segments are excited to return to in-person events; there’s enormous pent-up demand and an unmatched sense of community and shared purpose.

But many have also learned the value of reaching a wider audience through virtual events, and they’re excited to create hybrid events. That’s the future, in our view, and for hybrid to work, it has to be built on an integrated platform like Eventgroove.”

Eventgroove, the one-stop integrated platform for events and fundraisers, is pioneering a radical customer-centric approach to SaaS events and ecommerce.


  • Pricing: no setup, upfront charges, or long-term lock-in contracts. Eventgroove only makes money when its customers do.
  • Private label: everything is completely under the customer’s brand.
  • Scale: from small single events to enterprise management of distributed event operations across geographies.
  • Platform: customers build and run their organizations on the platform.

Eventgroove serves over 76,000 customers across the nonprofit, entertainment, education, sports, faith, and civic sectors.

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Eventgroove operates in the US, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom and is based in Bozeman, Montana.