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Ducks Unlimited

“Ducks Unlimited conserves, restores, and manages wetlands and associated habitats for North America’s waterfowl. These habitats also benefit other wildlife and people.”


We have over 6,000 in-person fundraising events a year at Ducks Unlimited and we lost a lot of that business. If Eventgroove had not been there for us, it would have been a dramatically different year for Ducks Unlimited. 

–Amy Batson, Chief Fundraising Officer







Events service

  • Integrated with CRM platform.
  • Membership. Allows event ticket sales to issue various membership types.
  • Flexible. Ticketing plans for banquet tables, chapter meetings, and more.
  • National funding. All funds roll up to National for payouts with tracking back to the chapter level.
  • Chapter management. Replicated organizational structure to enable event creation for region.

Eventgroove makes great suggestions, they bring good solutions to us, and they are very professional, very forward thinking.

–Amy Batson, Chief Fundraising Officer

Ecommerce service

  • Total products: 600+ custom designed products.
  • Print-on-demand. Chapters enter their event details, and orders are shipped direct to the chapter.
  • Event kits. Matching products allow for cohesive event branding.
  • Flexible editor. Design-Your-Own editor is enabled for some products, allowing chapters complete editing fledixility.
  • Flexible billing. Certain products are billed to the chapter, and certain products to HQ.



In eight days time, Eventgroove created and implemented our online auction platform. It exceeded our organization’s expectations.

–David Schuessler, National Director of Event Fundraising

Fundraising service

  • Compliance. Customized by state ensure compliance of state online fundraising laws.
  • National funding. All funds roll up to National for payouts with tracking back to the chapter level.
  • Integrated. Embed fundraising information on event platform to sell tickets as well as promote fundraising campaigns related to event.
Video Transcript

[David] My partnership with Eventgroove is very deep. As the national director of event fundraising for Ducks Unlimited not only does Eventgroove handle all of my print-on-demand materials for the event but also has the interface that all of our event attendees use to buy tickets and learn more about Ducks Unlimited events in an effort to get as many people as pto join the organization as possible.

[Amy]  For Ducks Unlimited our events or critical, we have over fifty thousand volunteers who run over 6,000 events a year across the country and ease-of-use and ability to really have localized marketing and flexibility in the messaging is critical for our success and Eventgroove really supports that for us.

Our IT department as well as our users in the field, lour fundraising staff and giving me really good positive feedback about the Eventgroove technical staff and their ability to integrate and work with our systems as well as the usability and the user-friendliness of the platform that  our customers interact with as well as our fundraisers.

[David]  it’s very easy for one of our event attendees or potential attendee to go on to the site to learn about the event, to purchase their ticket to attend in person or virtually, and then have a real streamlined checkout process. It has shortened the amount of time that our attendees spend in that interface by probably half.

The capability that I believe Eventgroove gives Ducks Unlimited, the best one, is the speed at which they’re able to adapt and change their own platform to fit the needs of Ducks Unlimited.

[Amy] For us the ability to private label is system because our our brand is big enough that we want it to be a Ducks Unlimited branded system that we use and and that’s been really good for us, but also just their commitment to the future and their commitment to providing strong powerful platforms for their customers.  It’s something that they should be very proud of. 

[David] I chose Eventgroove because of their depth inside the nonprofit conservation community. I think at one time maybe Ducks Unlimited was the only conservation nonprofit in that was not using Eventgroove.  After talking with Lance Trebesch, over many years. I think we finally realize that we were missing out and needed to jump on board in a manner that pretty much everybody else in the industry had done. 

The implementation of Eventgroove fundraising was incredibly smooth. I think that is Lance and his team’s competitive advantage out there. Of all the third parties I have worked with over my two plus decade career with Ducks Unlimited, I have never experienced anything as streamlined as bringing Eventgroove on as one of our business partners.

I’ve never seen a group of employees so quick to respond to a customer’s needs. It’s really fascinating, and to me it’s one of the greatest things about Lance and his team.

One word to describe my experience with Eventgroove is: professional. 

[Amy]  One word to describe my experience with Eventgroove: it’s been groovy. 

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