Complete ecommerce storefronts for events & fundraising organizations

Custom configured online storefront with any on-demand print, digital, and merchandise product you need to make your events, fundraisers, and organization a success.


I believe that the best way Eventgroove has improved Ducks Unlimited’s event marketing program is by their print-on-demand platform. We no longer have 10 year old pamphlets and 8 yr old sponsor guides in our warehouse.

David Schuessler, National Director of Event Fundraising

Your brand, your store


Customized. Set up, configure and brand your store as you wish. Your store. Your brand.


DIY Setup. Access your storefront dashboard at any time to create a store, add and modify products, change branding and graphics. 


White label. Strongly branded with your logos, images and colors, and slightly co-branded with Eventgroove Products to let us take care of customer support for you.


Private label. Entirely branded and designed with your brand. Blind package and blind shipping. Your brand for the entire customer experience.

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True partner pricing

We only make money when you make money, when your customers order.


No hidden fees. No setup, upfront, or ongoing charges. Ever.


Revenue share. 5%-20% net revenue share paid quarterly on products we produce.


Markup. You can markup product prices and capture 100% of the markup.


Open partnership.  No long-term lock-in contracts.


No extra fees. Zero extra fees for number of products.

Integrated storefront solutions


Account level data. Keep marketing lists, attendee lists, and event and fundraising data at the account level.


Integrated. Pass event and fundraising data between Ecommerce, Event, and Fundraising services.


Digital and print products. Using our design-your-own tool, design and deploy your own integrated digital and print products.


Design your own.  Our Design-Your-Own (DYO) tool allows you to create your own design in a flexible canvas, or upload a completed design that you create in your own design software.

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Scalable solutions

Create your print-on-demand site using our platform, our products, our templates, our fulfillment…under your brand. 


No hassle. Your customers will be able to create custom print products for their events and fundraisers, and get all the benefits of being an Eventgroove customer.

Fast fulfillment. We ship most orders within 1 business day, so your customers will receive their printed goods fast!

Blind shipping. Your customer’s order will arrive in an un-marked brown cardboard box. No reference to Eventgroove, or marketing materials will be included. 


Customizable.  You have full control over the site setup–from product offering to template designs to specific features. 


Trusted. We have created over 100 private label sites for different organizations, each with specific needs.

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Robust, comprehensive ecommerce features

Quick turnaround

Most orders are processed within 1 business day.

Event kits

Bundle products together, and allow users to order the entire bundle at once.


Fully integrated with our event management and fundraising platforms.

Variable data

We support reserved seating data, event attendee data, and mailing data.

Direct marketing

Customize your mailer, and we will ship and mail directly to your address list.

Secure login

Secure, simplified, single log-in across all three services.


View and download reports around user and product data on your storefront.

Blind shipping

We ship in an un-branded box, and do not include any marketing materials.

Split fulfillment

Set up your storefront to enable both yours and our products to be fulfilled at separate locations.


Multi-levels and multi-featured customization of your storefront.

Team management

User roles with specific permissions, access, and workflow approvals.


Other than stocked products, all products are produced on-demand. No inventory risk.

Design services

We can design custom products for your storefront at a reasonable charge.

Security features

Personalized products, holograms, serial numbers and more.

Smart data

Enter event data once, and it will populate all items you select (no double-typing!).

On-site badge printing

Print last-minute sign-ups for your event from your home printer or at the event.

Order scheduling

Select a future date for your order to be processed and shipped.

File sharing

Users within your organization can make their uploaded files accessible to others.

iFrame embed

Embed your print-on-demand platform directly on your website.

Digital products

Easily post digital products directly to your social media account.

Fully integrated platform

Eventgroove Products can integrate with Events and Fundraising services.

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