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Raising more money and reaching new donors just got even easier!

At Eventgroove, we know you’re working hard to build great in-person and online fundraising experiences. That’s why we’ve packed our online fundraising platform with the fundraising tools, analytics, donor management, and integrations nonprofit organizations need…while making it entirely free for organizers.

Now, we’ve added a new, robust virtual fundraising tool—free livestream fundraising! Using it, your organization can seamlessly marry live events with virtual fundraising efforts or boost online fundraising campaigns.

P.S. When we say livestreaming on the Eventgroove online fundraising platform is free, we 100% mean it. It costs zero dollars for organizers, and there are no attendee limits, hidden fees, or platform fees. See all the details here.

 What Does Livestream Fundraising with Eventgroove Mean?

Essentially, you can stream live video directly from your fundraising page and invite supporters to participate. It’s a terrific way to develop an immersive, interactive virtual fundraising event experience for donors anywhere. For example, you can livestream your school raffle prize drawing, the big homecoming game for alumni, a benefit concert, baking classes, and more!

Facts About Livestreaming on the Eventgroove Online Fundraising Platform:

With Eventgroove, nonprofits and individual fundraisers can:

All of the above benefits, PLUS: 

  • Share your screen while presenting live
  • Choose your camera and microphone before going live
  • Drive raffle ticket sales, auction bids, and sweepstakes entries by featuring specific prizes or items from any ongoing fundraiser
  • See online donations, purchases, and audience comments in real time
  • Allow donors to browse and buy tickets, items, prizes, etc. during your livestream (great for online auctions and raffles!)
  • Create private livestream events that require a ticketed entry
  • Use virtual backgrounds
  • Use third-party broadcasting software to create sophisticated studio productions
  • Stream video up to 4K

Livestream Fundraising Event Ideas

  • Your annual fundraising gala features a silent auction, magic show, and big raffle drawing. Livestream the action and enable virtual guests to make online donations and browse items and bid in real time!
  • Bump up participation in your quarterly pub quiz by going hybrid so that people at home (or anywhere) may compete with people in the restaurant.
  • Make it easy for even more alumni to participate in homecoming weekend and its related fundraising events. Livestream the big game and feature raffle prizes to inspire raffle ticket sales. Enable live bidding during the auction and appeal to school spirit by playing the marching band performance in the background.
  • Raise more for your animal shelter by hosting a dog training expert to teach a private class in person. Simultaneously livestream this class to ticketed virtual guests on your fundraising page. Virtual guests can ask questions, comment, and participate in real time. This same concept can be applied to all sorts of classes like baking, dancing, and cooking!

  • Livestream your in-person battle of the bands benefit concert to ticketed virtual guests. Make things even more interactive by asking trivia throughout. In addition, you can reward winners with branded merchandise such as T-shirts, mugs, and totes!

Amp Up In-person and Online Giving with Eventgroove Livestream!

Ready to add a livestream to your fundraising strategies? Check out our “How To Use Eventgroove Fundraising Livestream Studio” video below! In it, you’ll learn how to make virtual fundraising interactive (and thus raise more money) by allowing live donations, setting livestream trivia questions, and spotlighting auction and raffle prizes.