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As an event organizer, you want a lot of things to come together, but selling tickets in bunches is probably at the top of the list! So, how do you reach more potential attendees? What’s the best way to sell event tickets on Facebook and other social media platforms? Read on for answers to those questions and for five simple ways you can increase online ticket sales for your upcoming event.

If you aren’t already selling tickets online, now’s the time, and with Eventgroove it’s easy (and free for event organizers)!

1. Get your ducks in a row

Like any internet purchase, people want to know their transaction is secure and that the ticket seller is legitimate. Accomplish both of those things with an online ticketing platform and an informative, compelling event page.

The platform you choose should make purchasing tickets efficient, offer secure transactions, double as a command center for communicating with attendees, have marketing tools, and offer real-time data on your marketing efforts and net ticket sales. In short, more than just ticketing software, you need a fully integrated event solution (here’s where we plug our own /, Eventgroove). Making a professional impression is the first step toward converting potential attendees into customers.

2. Promote your event website URL

Should you sell tickets on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and everywhere else on the interwebs? Absolutely. The best way to do this is by sharing a link to your event website (a bonus that comes with an online ticketing platform), as well as adding it to the profile of your social media accounts.

Think of every follower as a mini influencer with a galaxy of friends and family that are potential attendees. You want your posts to be exciting. For example, if you’re selling concert tickets, highlight performers, opening acts…you get the picture. If a portion of ticket sales goes toward a cause or if there is a fundraising element, talk that up, too—especially how the money raised is making a difference, and offer the option of a donation on top of ticket purchase so attendees can give more.

As you post, stay on top of analytics with unique, trackable links (an Eventgroove feature!) to learn what sort of post is generating ticket sales. This will hone what sort of posts you create, ultimately making your efforts more successful.

Pro tip: Virtual attendees tend to buy tickets last minute, so keep that in mind as you time when to promote to those guests.

3. Produce social media content that inspires action

Giveaways and deals are the hallmarks of attention-getting content. Incorporate any of the below ideas for a jump in ticket sales. Just be sure to use trackable links so you know what works best for your audience.

  • Flash deals: Think special ticket prices for early birds, or just because it’s Friday. With an events platform, you can set ticket prices associated with promo codes, a feature perfect for promotions like these! For instance, you could set the end-of-week code to FriYay, and anyone who plugs that in during the set period gets discounted tickets.
  • BOGOs and bundles: Special ticket prices are another way to make content exciting…and give your event attendance a bump. Offer a buy one (or however many you choose), get one free. Or you could do a promotion geared toward families and friend groups, such as a discount to the ticket price when 4 or 5 tickets are purchased together. With a platform like Eventgroove, all of that is possible, straightforward to set up, and easy to execute.
  • Free tickets: Got your attention, didn’t we? Run a giveaway for free tickets and, if possible, add branded custom merch or perks to make the prize even more enticing.

4. Bonus (near-effortless) online promotion

It’s likely you get good traffic to your organization’s website and blog, so capitalize on that by adding a “Buy Tickets” button. At Eventgroove, we make that as easy as pie by supplying a customized ticket sales widget. All you have to do is choose how you’d like it to look, then cut and paste wherever you’d like it—in blog posts, on your organization website and blog, and wherever else you like.

5. Go IRL with QR code marketing

Whether your upcoming event is virtual, in person, or hybrid, a small investment in printed materials with QR codes can go a long way towards enhancing online ticket sales. All potential attendees have to do is scan the code and they are instantly directed to your event website to buy tickets and get information. This is another thing that makes an integrated events platform great—using Eventgroove, you can order marketing materials such as printed flyers and postcards branded to your event directly from our dashboard. Plus, it generates a QR code specific to your event page. If, for example, you want QR code stickers, all you have to do is save your event’s unique QR code to your desktop and use it to create a custom sticker.

Ready to manage your event and its in-person and online ticket sales like a boss? Start creating your event page now!