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Market Your Hybrid Raffle Using These Key Tips

September 23, 2022

As you likely know, a hybrid raffle combines the best of both in-person and online raffles. They’re also part of the future of fundraising. Concurs Editor-in-chief of Nonprofit Tech for Good, Heather Mansfield:
“A well-thought-out campaign that mixes in-person and online fundraising optimizes your efforts and generates more significant results! The onset of the global pandemic encouraged event organizers and fundraisers to adapt by leaning into new technologies to improve their digital and social media capabilities. These changes will continue to impact nonprofits’ fundraising strategies for the foreseeable future because now they can reach supporters through different channels and attract new and younger audiences through their preferred channels.”
That’s all well and good, but how do you make sure you reach as many people as possible?

The Secret Sauce to a Successful Raffle (Hybrid or Otherwise)

Reaching your organization’s raffle fundraising goal is all in the marketing and execution. Cynthia Culver, Head of Customer Success for Eventgroove, works closely with our nonprofit organization customers. She’s noticed one constant among the raffles that raise the most:
“The greatest success has been with nonprofits who set their sights on marketing. Developing a plan to engage your audience over the course of your fundraiser will undoubtedly result in growth. A well-planned promotion can increase both your supporter base and the proceeds for your cause.”

Hybrid + Virtual Raffle Fundraiser Marketing Tips

Don’t think about the virtual component of your fundraising raffle as a totally different audience—you’re still dealing with humans, after all, just those with shorter attention spans and devices in their hands. To make participating in your event and buying raffle tickets as irresistible as possible, chew on this food for thought from nonprofit expert Claire Axelrad, J.D., CFRE:
“Ask yourself: “What can we do to mimic the effect of in-person promotion and trigger psychological principles of influence and persuasion like FOMO (fear of missing out), peer pressure, authority, and social proof?

A person’s fear of loss often outweighs their hope of gain, so if they’re bombarded with messages telling them “Don’t miss out,” this is an action trigger. People also tend to do what others do, especially if they like, trust, and respect them. An online raffle needs to include a strategic plan to promote sales and influence active purchases.

This might include:

  • A homepage pop-up to draw attention to the time-limited opportunity.
  • A series of emails to spur momentum, including testimonials from other community leaders, celebrities, board members, donors, and volunteers expressing why they made their purchase.
  • A dynamic fundraising raffle goal progress thermometer can work well, too.
  • Text messaging that generates and maintains momentum—this can be a powerful tool to alert folks to new raffle prizes, remind them of what the raffle will support, and show progress and timeline.
  • An influencer campaign on social media—“You could win a dinner, and, more importantly, your raffle ticket buys a meal for a hungry family in our community.”
  • Share buttons on your website, blog, e-news, emails, text messages, and social media—purchasers can use these to encourage their networks to join them and not to miss out.
  • An online raffle sales committee to help create active engagement, responsibility, and accountability— consider a competition between members with prizes for the most sales.”

(Find more great fundraising advice on Claire’s site, Clairification.)

More Hybrid Raffle Intel

Deep dive into the factors that make up a goal-busting raffle! Download our new, first-of-its-kind, data-backed, research-based (and free!) eBook, “Raffle for Success: Insights and Strategies for Successful In-Person, Virtual, or Hybrid Fundraisers.” In it, we discuss hybrid, online, and in-person raffles, deconstruct Eventgroove customer success stories, and more.

Hybrid Raffle Fundraiser Resources

Running a hybrid raffle is easier than you think! Check out our primer, Combine an Online Raffle and Traditional Raffle in Five Easy Steps, and review a great example of a successful real-life hybrid raffle. Don’t forget to make sure online raffles are legal in your state using our state-by-state breakdown of US raffle laws.

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