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Stripe Climate Carbon Removal Contribution Update 

September 30, 2022

Earlier this year, as part of our ongoing efforts to reduce our environmental impact, we committed 0.5% of revenue to Stripe Climate, 100% of which is then directed by them to fund early-stage carbon capture and help them scale on a global level. In other words, those funds go directly to initiatives that work toward carbon neutrality and fighting climate change. So, every time one of our customers orders print products, they’re making a difference. It’s been six months since we partnered with Stripe Climate, and we wanted to share how big a difference their support has made.

Thanks to your print orders, we’ve donated over $10,000 to carbon removal initiatives!

Doing what we can to flight climate change is a part of our DNA. Here are just a few of the steps we’ve taken over the years to protect the planet:
  • Since 2007, we’ve donated 42% of profits to conservation organizations.
  • Eventgroove e-commerce (that’s all our print products!) shipments are 100% carbon neutral.
  • Our Montana production facilities run on 100% renewable energy (wind!), and we take steps to further reduce our energy consumption.
  • The toner used in our printing process is earth friendly and low waste.
  • Even our web hosting is carbon free.

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