US Raffle Laws by State

May 30, 2020

State Regulations Governing Raffle Ticket Events

Fundraising with Raffle Tickets is legal and effective for most types of nonprofit organizations. However, care must be taken to ensure that the raffle is conducted in accordance with all applicable raffle laws and regulations.

Raffle Ticket Drawings are considered a Game of Chance, similar to Lottery Tickets and Bingo Games, and as such the laws that regulate raffles are administered by state and county governments in the United States. The laws that govern raffles also vary greatly from state to state (and county to county in some states) making it difficult to provide the exact regulations for your area.

Below is a list of links to raffle regulations and laws that govern Raffle Ticket Events in each state. Please use it to begin your research and make sure that your Raffle Ticket Drawing is in accordance with local raffle laws.

Raffle Laws and Regulations by State

Critical points to understand:

  1. Raffles may only be run by qualified organizations. Raffles to benefit personal causes are not allowed on Eventgroove Fundraising under any circumstances.
  2. The organization running the fundraiser is regulated by its state and in some cases, local laws, and therefore is fully responsible for the organization’s complete legal compliance. Therefore, the organization must directly consult their respective laws and regulations of their respective state and locality.
  3. We strongly advise seeking guidance from legal counsel and your state attorney general’s office if you are unsure of raffle regulations in your area.
  4. All Terms of Use, including the roles and responsibilities of all parties, are defined in Eventgroove’s Terms of Use.

We are happy to help you choose what type of fundraiser is best, and even help you set it up. However, we cannot provide legal advice, and strongly recommend speaking to a lawyer if you are unsure about the regulations in your area. 

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