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Learn From the Most Successful Raffles on Eventgroove!

October 11, 2022

There are four deceptively simple elements that make up a successful raffle fundraiser:
  • A good cause
  • Effective marketing
  • Strong ticket sales
  • Great raffle prizes
On the surface, those seem obvious. However, if you look more closely at what goes into a successful raffle, you’ll find there’s a little more to it than that. To help you level up your raffle event, we’ve taken a look at three successful raffle fundraisers that were run on the Eventgroove platform. Below, we share the key elements of these fundraising wins that you can then incorporate into your next fundraising event.

 Three of the Most Successful Raffles on Eventgroove

Successful Raffle #1: An in-person + virtual raffle (hybrid) that raised over $175,000

Longevity, effective marketing, raffle prizes, and ticket price have combined to make the Wild Sheep Foundation’s (WSF) raffle the biggest earner in Eventgroove history!


  • The Sheep Week Super Raffle’s two prizes are big ticket items—one appeals directly to its target audience and the other is a Land Rover Defender, something just about anyone would want to win.
  • The raffle ticket price is $100 per prize—each item is so appealing that the price is worth the gamble! Plus, by making each ticket applicable to one of the raffle prizes, raffle participants are more likely to purchase more than one ticket.
  • The raffle event runs from December 7, 2021 to January 14, 2023, enabling people to enter multiple times over a year.
  • WSF actively and consistently promotes the Sheep Week Super Raffle in different ways. They engage with donors and beyond through social media, podcasts, and their various member chapters.
  • The raffle drawing will be run during the build-up of WSF’s annual Sheep Week Convention. Doing so will help draw attention to both the convention and fundraiser—a win-win! Also, since entrants don’t have to be present for the online raffle component, those who can’t attend the convention can still participate.

Successful Raffle #2: $40,0000 raised in 10 days

The Branford Rotary’s “Braffle” hit its raffle ticket sales goal out of the park, and it had nothing to do with the luck of the draw. Instead, there was a strategy to engage the maximum number of potential donors and then make it easy to buy raffle tickets. They executed their marketing through a variety of media, including:

  • Ordering custom-designed printed raffle tickets and promotional posters featuring unique QR codes.
  • Distributing “Braffle”-branded lawn signs dotted with QR codes. When scanned, the QR codes took users to Branford Rotary’s virtual fundraising page where they could purchase raffle tickets.
  • Producing engaging social media content such as “Braffle”-branded videos, including one explaining what a “Braffle” is, another with funny outtakes, and even one after the “Braffle” sold out! They also shared branded images encouraging participation in their online marketing efforts.

Get the full details of Branford Rotary’s “Braffle” success in our case study.

Successful Raffle #3: Over $41,000 raised through a monthly hybrid 50/50 raffle

Gamification and engagement were part of this nonprofit raffle’s triumph! After enticing potential donors to win money, they raised the stakes by introducing a card-playing twist. In addition to selling online and printed raffle tickets (a hybrid raffle), the ticket price encouraged bundling, and the grand prize grew more enticing over time.


  • Raffle participants paid $5 for an individual ticket or $25 for a batch of six raffle tickets. People could enter by buying printed raffle tickets in person or online.
  • The Queen of Hearts twist! The fundraiser organizer randomly selected four tickets each month, and each winning ticket holder was invited to pick one playing card from a deck. If they selected the Queen of Hearts, that individual winner would split the pot 50/50 with the organization. If they drew the Joker, they would have to pay $25 to the pot. If none of the four raffle winners drew the Queen of Hearts in a particular month, the jackpot rolled over into the following month, with the selected cards removed from the deck. When the Queen of Hearts was eventually selected, the organization donated its half of the pot to support local youth initiatives.

3 Superstar Raffle Takeaways

People will often gladly enter to win good raffle prizes when they benefit a cause. However, there are commonalities amongst all the nonprofit organizations whose raffle fundraising events achieve (and exceed) goals.
  1. Possibly the main reason behind any successful raffle is a well-executed promotional strategy that touches an organization’s every available channel. This generally includes regular social media posts, e-mail outreach, and printed materials bearing QR codes connecting people to a fundraising site. For nonprofits that cannot run a virtual raffle, this could mean a page listing information on the cause, prizes, and where to buy tickets.
  2. These organizations choose prizes that consider the target audience as well as appeal to a broader group. This way, the participation of existing supporters and new people beyond the organization’s network is gained.
  3. Nonprofit raffles that combine online and in-person elements (hybrid) allow an organization to reach a broader audience, as does making it so that entrants don’t need to be in the same state to buy tickets or be present for the raffle drawing. (Please check your state’s laws to make sure online raffles are legal!)
For an in-depth look into what elements most effectively support a money-raising raffle, download our free eBook, “Raffle for Success: Insights and Strategies for Successful In-Person, Virtual, or Hybrid Fundraisers.”

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