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How to Use QR Codes to Cook Up a Great Fundraiser

June 7, 2021

The pandemic certainly disrupted how we all live, work, and give, but some positives have emerged from the upheaval. The normalization of the QR code as a means of accessing all sorts of things from menus to safety rules has opened a huge door of opportunity.

How Nonprofits Use QR Codes and Food Fundraisers to Raise More Money Online

Before the pandemic, firehouse chili feeds, Kiwanis BBQs, and Rotary lobsterfests were commonplace. When COVID hit, those big, traditional dine-in fundraisers evaporated. 

 But not for long. 

Our customers pivoted and used Eventgroove’s sales fundraiser campaign and QR codes to transition their traditionally in-person dinners to online ordering for take-out. Supporters could access the nonprofit’s unique sales fundraiser page by scanning QR codes printed on organization-branded posters, lawn signs, stickers, and postcards. From there, they were able to view the menu and purchase meals, all for a good cause. People could then pick up their food at a designated time—as easy as getting takeout from their favorite restaurant! 

Who wouldn’t want to contribute to a great cause while enjoying delicious takeout? 


Even as in-person transactions return, nonprofits continue to incorporate QR codes to create a hybrid approach to their food fundraisers. It’s a great way to capture people still not comfortable enough to go out as well as those who’d love to support but want to eat elsewhere. In short, more money is able to be raised since there are more ways for people to participate. On top of that, selling in advance enables nonprofits to rely less on walk-up sales, subsequently making it easier to manage ingredient purchases and how much food to make. 

Here’s How QR Codes and a Food Fundraiser Work 

You’ve planned the meal, gathered volunteers, and aligned with a cause. Now how do you get this thing off the ground?


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Set up a sales fundraiser

Through a customized virtual fundraising page, Eventgroove enables you to tell your cause’s story and reinforce your brand. No matter what fundraising platform you choose, messaging continuity is critical to credibility. What visitors experience on your sales page must echo that seen in printed materials. Another online fundraising best practice? Display your organization and cause logos. 

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Get a FREE QR code

When you order printed posters, postcards, and stickers from Eventgroove, generating a QR code is FREE! To get one, access our Design Your Own tool for the product you’d like, then start designing. One of the options is to insert a unique QR code—be sure to add your sales fundraiser page’s direct link! For products that Eventgroove doesn’t produce (such as lawn signs), order stickers to place on your signs and anywhere else. 

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Order supporting printed marketing materials and distribute

Though we touched on this above, it bears repeating. Our customers have had HUGE success with organization-branded lawn signs, posters, and postcards emblazoned with QR codes directing users to their fundraising page.

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Use social media

When you are running an online sales fundraiser with Eventgroove, this step is super easy. Simply share your unique fundraising page link far and wide! If you choose to use our platform, you can also track the online marketing efficacy of online and printed efforts through Facebook Pixel codes and Google Analytics. 


Hungry to learn about more real-world fundraisers that utilize QR codes? Check out our case study on the Fly Fishing Film Tour, then check out our article on how to create posters and flyers with QR codes


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