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How to Use QR Codes to Cook Up a Great Fundraiser

November 7, 2023

Imagine merging a traditional food sale with the simplicity of today’s tech. Enter QR codes, your handy tool that turns supporters’ smartphones into gateways for instant fundraiser engagement.

Maximizing Fundraising Potential with QR Codes and Food Sales

By incorporating QR codes into your food fundraising, you’ve unlocked a door to convenience and efficiency that’s hard to beat. When supporters scan your QR code on posters, postcards, flyers, or lawn signs, they’re instantly directed to a unique fundraiser page. There, they can browse your menu, place orders, and support your cause, all with the ease of ordering a meal online. It’s akin to the convenience of your favorite restaurant’s online ordering system but with the added joy of supporting a meaningful cause.

Using QR codes can truly rejuvenate the food fundraisers you organize. It welcomes people who might not come in for a meal while ensuring those with a taste for tradition aren’t left behind. This method not only widens your reach but also streamlines your planning, ensuring there’s always just the right amount for everyone.

Why QR Codes Are Food Fundraiser Game Changers 

  • Accurate forecasting: When orders are placed in advance, you know exactly how much food or material you’ll need. This precision ensures you’ll neither overspend nor fall short. By not overspending, you’ll be left with more money for your cause.
  • Resource allocation: With a clearer picture of what’s in demand, you’ll be better able to allocate resources. For instance, if there’s a popular dish or pick-up time, you’ll see it coming prepared with a stocked pantry and enough hands on deck.
  • Time-saving: With pre-orders, your preparation becomes easier, too. You can plan ahead and (mostly) avoid last-minute chaos.
  • Smooth transactions: While some in-person guests might prefer to pay in cash, others will gladly pay online. In addition, everyone who places their order using your QR code will have paid in advance. Thus, your time spent handling cash and figuring out who has paid is reduced.

In essence, the QR code system not only widens your reach but also streamlines your entire planning process. By embracing this method, you’ll find that blending the traditional with the digital can result in a fundraiser that’s not only successful but also easier to manage.

How to Launch Your QR-Enhanced Food Fundraiser

Now that you see the multiple benefits QR codes bring to the table, you’re likely ready to get started! Here is the step-by-step process to create a QR-code-powered food fundraiser.
Mobile QR code icon

Define your goal

What do you aim to achieve with this fundraiser? Whether it’s raising a specific amount of money or garnering support for a new project, a clear goal will guide all your subsequent actions. It’ll also help you create a food sale fundraiser page that clearly defines for visitors just where their money is going.
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Choose a reliable fundraising platform

You’ll need a fundraising platform that’s mobile-friendly, enables seamless QR code integration, and provides an intuitive user experience. Additionally, you’ll want to be able to handle payments quickly and securely and to have easy access to analytics and reports.

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Craft a compelling menu and fundraiser page

When people access your fundraising page, you want to make a sale. You don’t want them to bounce off your page because things seem unclear or dicey. So, whether you’re offering BBQ, baked goods, or fried chicken, your page needs to have:

  • Appealing pictures of your menu items with clear, detailed descriptions.
  • Details about how, where, and when your supporters can pick up their food.
  • Information about your organization, your cause, the good work you do, and where the money you raise through the fundraiser will go.
  • A donation button—if someone decides they don’t want food but would like to support your cause, you want to make doing so easy!
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Create and distribute your QR Code

First things first, what’s a QR code? It’s a type of barcode that can be scanned using a smartphone or tablet. When scanned, it instantly directs a user to a specific webpage.

  • Linking to your fundraising page. Your QR code should link directly to your sales fundraising page. Part of your fundraiser’s success will depend on the streamlined experience you provide donors—if they have to click around to find your fundraiser page, you may not capture sales. In other words, your primary goal should be making the donation process efficient and reducing the number of steps a supporter needs to take.
  • Using Eventgroove: If you’re using the Eventgroove platform, the process is even simpler. Once you set up your sales fundraiser page, we automatically generate a QR code. This means you’re spared the technical intricacies of QR code generation—the platform handles it for you.
  • Printing and materials: Now, with your QR code in hand, you can integrate it into various promotional materials. Our platform is integrated with our online printing services, so you can order printed flyers, posters, stickers, and more with your unique QR code.
  • Going beyond Eventgroove: If you choose a different platform or decide to generate your QR code independently, there are several free and paid online tools available. Simply input the desired link (your sales fundraising page) and let the tool create the code for you. Once generated, it’s essential to test the code using multiple devices to ensure it directs users to the correct webpage.
  • Prominence is key: Regardless of how you produce your QR code, it’s vital to ensure it holds a prime spot on all promotional materials. The easier it is for people to spot and scan, the higher the chances of increased participation. Consider accompanying the QR code with a short call to action (like “Scan & Support”) to provide clear direction for potential donors.

Remember, the easier you make the process for supporters, the more inclined they will be to participate. Ensure your QR code leads them directly to where you want them to go, and you’ll be set for a successful fundraising event!

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Promote, promote, promote!

Engage volunteers and supporters to help amplify the message. Promote your fundraiser extensively on social platforms. Share your unique page link and track the impact of your online and printed marketing strategies through tools like Facebook pixel codes and Google Analytics.

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Celebrate and thank your supporters

After your fundraiser, celebrate your achievements and make sure you thank every participant. Gratitude goes a long way in cultivating lasting, happy supporters and combating donor fatigue.

By leveraging the power of QR codes, you’re elevating an age-old fundraising method to new heights. Hungry to learn about real-world fundraisers that utilize QR codes? Check out our case study on the Fly Fishing Film Tour. 


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