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Eventgroove Fundraising Features

Engage your donors, reach more people, raise money, and deliver a terrific experience with our online fundraising platform!

Fundraise online & drive participation

Activate your supporters & expand your reach


Engage all your supporters and then some

Capture your cause and raise more money

Simplify, monetize, and scale your program

Leverage robust reports for donor engagement

“I think every nonprofit would be wise to look at Eventgroove because they can literally change the way any of your organizations raise money, and raise awareness.”

Andy Marlatt
Branford Rotary

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Fundraise online and drive participation

You want to deliver a great donor experience, connect with supporters, and raise more money, but there’s only 24 hours in the day. Do it all with Eventgroove! 

Leverage six adaptable fundraiser types to create unlimited online fundraising experiences. Choose a single fundraiser type or several—you can display all your campaigns on a landing page that’s customized to your brand. You can add peer-to-peer fundraising to any campaign, and offer supporters the option to add extra donations to their transaction.

Sell raffle tickets online, promote with social sharing and text-to-give, and excite supporters with enticing prizes. When your raffle is over, you can choose to have our system draw winners automatically or draw them yourself. Take your raffle ticket sales in-person with custom printed raffle tickets through our print-on-demand integration.

Add images and descriptions, set minimum bids, and encourage higher bids with instant notifications. Inspire interest in your online auction with gamification tools such as a fundraising thermometer.

Present terrific prizes, create tiered donation entry levels and add merchandise. We’ll automatically draw winners in compliance with sweepstakes requirements.

Manage every aspect of your crowdfunding campaigns from custom calls-to-action to social sharing buttons. Display a donation leaderboard to inspire more giving.

Sell products for your cause! You can list unlimited items and customize your listings quickly and easily within your fundraising dashboard.

Whether participants are reading, running, yoga-ing, or hiking for your nonprofit's cause, you can accept pledges and donations per lap, per hour, per anything. Participants in your A-thon peer-to-peer fundraiing campaign can create personal fundraising pages and share within their social networks. Donors can choose to donate a flat sum or pledge per unit. When your a-thon ends, our fundraising platform automatically charges your donors.

Activate your supporters and expand your reach

Transform your nonprofit’s donors into advocates and reach your fundraising goals.

Add social fundraising to any of your fundraising campaigns. You can create teams, display leaderboards and rankings, track progress in real time, and reward top teams with prizes. Supporters will be able to credit their online donations towards a particular participant, while the money raised will be added to your greater fundraising campaign.

Keep your peer-to-peer fundraising train moving by encouraging healthy competition using badges and thermometers. Your participants can also track their progress in many places throughout the platform and compare it with others.

Give your participants ownership of their efforts with personal fundraising pages. When they share their donation page on social media, they’re not just asking for pledges—they’re advocating for your cause on your behalf and spreading awareness.

Inspire participants to up their fundraising game. Promote prizes like swag or social media shout-outs to be awarded to teams who hit fundraising milestones or high-performing individuals.

Chapter-based nonprofits →

Engage all your nonprofit’s supporters and then some—wherever they are

Your donors care about your cause, but life and location can get in the way. Meet them where they are with promotion tools that increase participation and donations.

Make your in-person fundraisers accessible to all. Livestream your fundraising events and interact with virtual attendees through trivia questions, customized calls to action, and item spotlights.

Inspire bids, entries, and purchases with customizable automated messages that you can set up in your dashboard.

Enable people to donate to your cause wherever they are. Our nonprofit fundraising platform enables you to accept donations in 36+ currencies from donors in over 135 locations.

Boost the money raised during any campaign with text-to-give. Set a code for your fundraiser that allows donors to text a unique keyword and instantly receive a direct link to your mobile-optimized fundraising page.

Attract even more new donors using QR codes—a simple scan of a printed poster, postcard, or flyer and they’re directly sent to your fundraising campaigns. Our print-on-demand integration instantly transfers your fundraiser’s auto-generated QR code to your marketing materials.

Leverage our Eventgroove Events integration to merge your in-person events and online fundraising efforts.

Capture your cause and raise more money

Your story and mission are unique—inspire support with fundraising pages that represent your organization.

Use our intuitive tool to choose the layout, insert your logo and custom images, and add text that communicates your goals. You can also choose what elements you’d like included, like supporter comments and a countdown timer.

Make it easy for supporters to find your fundraising campaigns displaying them all on a landing page customized with your nonprofit’s branding.

Set up an open-ended donation pages for recurring campaigns. There's no service fee — only Stripe's payment processing fee applies.

Deliver a seamless, secure checkout experience to donors. In addition, they’ll automatically get a receipt to use for tax deductions.

Simplify, monetize, and scale your fundraising events program

Multi-tiered fundraising event management for chapter-based nonprofits

Fundraise under your brand. We'll create a custom site and hierarchy for everything you do, from chapter management and maintaining brand uniformity to fundraising event oversight and private and retail ecommerce storefronts.

Configure your account to match your organizational hierarchy and set access and permissions. Enable your chapters to access all of our fundraising campaigns, or disable access to campaign types that don't align with your organization's needs.

Connect your own SendGrid and Twilio accounts so that donor notifications sent by our platform appear to come from your organization.

Set access and pricing at the parent level for all your chapters through a user-friendly interface. You can also toggle between chapter and organizational views with a simple click.

Count on dedicated customer support specialists to help with whatever you need, as well as one-on-one work sessions as needed. We also offer monthly or quarterly open office hours with our customer success team for training, new feature updates, and best practices.
Access powerful global reports on all the campaigns and transactions across your entire distributed team.

Leverage our Eventgroove Events integration to merge your in-person events and online fundraising efforts.

Connect with donors old and new with robust reports

Leverage comprehensive analytics to build donor relationships and develop a winning fundraising strategy.

Access real-time campaign revenue and donor data to understand which efforts are working.

Manage campaign pages, view analytics, and assign team member permissions—think of it as your virtual control panel.

Tap into a suite of on-demand reports designed to illuminate actionable insights.

Feed your CRM through our CRM integrations. All the donor information collected is yours—we don’t share or use it other than to store it for you to access.


Real people, successful fundraisers.