6 Creative Winter Peer-To-Peer Fundraising Ideas

The winter doldrums are real. Everyone’s looking for something fun to do and a way to make good on the new year’s intention of giving back. The opportunity is ripe to raise funds and attract new supporters for your organization’s cause!

A winter peer-to-peer fundraising event is perfect to do just that, and below we’ve got 6 creative winter fundraising ideas to (hopefully) inspire you.

But first:

What is peer-to-peer fundraising?

A peer-to-peer fundraiser is one in which your supporters raise money for your cause. Participants utilize their personal networks and social media to gather pledges by sharing their cause-affiliated, personal fundraising page. A typical example is almost any kind of “walk for a cure” event, but the concept can be extrapolated into virtually any kind of fundraiser. For more in-depth details, review our article, Peer-To-Peer Fundraising and Your Nonprofit: Why It’s Amazing and How To Use It!

5 Hybrid Winter Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Ideas

These ideas are great for January, February, and March peer-to-peer campaigns. Though not known for their holiday appeal and actually kind of dreary, these months have a lot of fun inspiration.

Number 1

Dumpling Eating Challenge.

Who doesn’t love dumplings? Though the Lunar New Year is upon us (January 22, 2023), the next month or so is still excellent for a Lunar New Year-inspired event. Peer-to-peer participants can solicit pledges for each dumpling they eat at their local dumpling shop during the month of February.

Number 2

Super Bowl Fantasy League Challenge.

Tons of people are in one or more fantasy football leagues. Mine that hobby’s popularity and the Super Bowl zeitgeist! Ask participants to solicit pledges for each player on their fantasy football team who scores during the Super Bowl.

Number 3

Rom-Com Movie Challenge.

February and March are made for getting cozy on the couch. Encourage supporters to solicit pledges for each hour of a romantic movie (or show—we’re looking at you, Bridgerton) they watch during February and/or March.

Number 4

Reading Challenge.

Curling up with a good book is a favorite winter pastime. For this peer-to-peer fundraiser, you could come up with a reading list that touches on your cause, or simply let participants freestyle it. Either way, pledges would be made for each book they read.

Number 5

Get Out There and Warm Up Challenge.

Sometimes inside is not where it’s at, or people are just trying to get more steps! Support that intention with a peer-to-peer fundraiser that encourages participants to solicit pledges for each hour they spend outside doing almost anything at all, including activities such as ice skating, a winter hike, snowboarding, or even shoveling snow.
Number 6

Indoor 5K Challenge.

Not everyone loves the snow or even has access to the white stuff. However, lots of people take their walks to the mall or gym during the winter months. So, for this winter peer-to-peer fundraiser, participants would gather pledges for every mile or step they walk.

We hope these ideas help spark some hot peer-to-peer fundraising events during the cooler months! If you’d like some more information on how to create a peer-to-peer fundraising page in support of your nonprofit’s mission, watch our tutorial.

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