Social Media Tips for #GivingTuesday That’ll Help Get Your Cause Noticed

November 29—the date of #GivingTuesday this year—is close at hand. If you haven’t already started preparing your nonprofit’s social media strategy, now is the time! After all, social media drives the bulk of traffic (and donations) to your crowdfunding page. Through content, you’ll want to attract attention, motivate people to take action, and share their participation. All of which will ultimately help you amplify your cause’s reach.

Below are five #GivingTuesday social media basics to help you achieve your fundraising goals!

Five GivingTuesday Social Media Tips

Number 1

Leverage hashtags

GivingTuesday is essentially a social media event, so getting this right is essential! Of course, #GivingTuesday and #GivingTuesday2022 Social media icon are the biggies. However, you should also have unique hashtags for your nonprofit and your GivingTuesday fundraising campaign. First, consider popular hashtags for fundraising, such as #Community, #Charity, #GiveBack, #SocialGood, and #Fundraiser. Next, think about your cause. For example, an animal shelter might use the hashtag #DogsofInstagram or #AdoptDontShop. Finally, if you’re a local organization, tap into popular local hashtags! For instance, a conservation group in Dayton, Ohio might use #DaytonOhio, #GemCity, or #Dayton.

Pro tip: Don’t go bonkers with hashtags! Ten is plenty on Instagram, and even fewer are needed on Facebook and Twitter (use 2-3 on those platforms). To look less spammy on Instagram, add three at the bottom of your post and the rest in a comment. 

Number 2

Stay on brand

Since #GivingTuesday is a fundraising event, it’s a good idea to draw attention to that by creating a cohesive look for your fundraiser. For instance, if you focus your #GivingTuesday efforts on Twitter and Instagram, create matching covers (including your logo!) for your profiles. Also, when sharing quotes or statistics, keep the look and feel similar. Doing so will help reinforce your fundraiser’s brand and create a contiguous feeling for your #GivingTuesday campaign. 

Number 3

Schedule content in advance

Services like ContentCal, Later, and Loomly all make it easy to queue up content well in advance. Additionally, they offer analytics to tell you (if you don’t already know) when your followers are most active, helping you determine when to post. Scheduling as much content as possible at the most advantageous times will free you up to engage with your audience and make use of new content opportunities in the moment, such as announcing fundraising milestones or thanking a supporter. Scheduling also ensures everything is on point—the spelling, the link to your crowdfunding page, and your hashtags. 

Number 4

Go video or go home…but images and graphics are great, too

Video is a heavy hitter for #GivingTuesday! Videos are extremely useful for making the case for your cause. You can feature testimonials, put a face to who will benefit from your cause, provide behind-the-scenes clips, and share supporters saying why they donate or volunteer. 

Number 5

Engage like a champ

Respond to comments and tags. Like, heart, and/or reshare donor messages. Mention and tag individual donors in your posts—celebrate them and their support! Authentically interreacting with your audience is the best way to create a sense of community and build support. 

Bonus #GivingTuesday Social Media Post Tips

  • Keep it positive.
  • Keep it professional (avoid grammar issues!).
  • Don’t make every single post about asking for donations. Instead, ask questions, create Q&As, and post updates.

Looking for more GivingTuesday tips and information? Review our GivingTuesday Primer and read our articles How to Create a Great GivingTuesday Crowdfunding Campaign and Support your #GivingTuesday Crowdfunding Push with Printed Postcards! Want help with creating Facebook covers, Instagram posts, and more? We’ve got you! Browse our FREE social media templates by clicking the button below.

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