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How to Pivot and Plan a Great Virtual Fundraiser

April 12, 2021

The opportunity to support a cause that resonates with you while making you feel part of a larger community is a major mood booster. Now, more than ever, we crave connection while understanding the need to stay apart. How does one achieve a successful and safe fundraising event in these unprecedented times? Go virtual! It’s easier than you think and can deliver serious results.

Though people in early 2020 were slow to adopt this new way of reaching out and raising funds, virtual fundraising has become an essential part of most organization’s playbooks in 2021. The accessibility of online as well as hybrid events enables everyone to participate.  Even after restrictions are lifted, virtual fundraisers are here to stay—many companies have said they’ll continue to include an online component in the future because of their higher return on a lower investment. 

How to put together a virtual fundraiser: 


If your live fundraiser is already planned and you’ve decided to take it online, send a message to everyone on your guest list. Be sure to emphasize how important their support and safety are to you, and include an enticing hook about staying tuned for your pivot to virtual. It might feel awkward (and unprofessional) to not have all the details in place, but don’t fret. Believe us when we say everyone will relate and will look forward to hearing your new plans. 

Find an online platform

Presenting a professional, on-brand impression and delivering a great experience to participants are essential. It’s also important that everything from marketing to management to handling donations is easy. This is where an online event platform comes in. We’re partial to Eventgroove, and not because it’s our own! Eventgroove was built to make putting on an effective, professional online event or virtual fundraiser (no matter the size or scope) easy and affordable. Our mobile-friendly platform comes with all kinds of bells and whistles—a site and landing pages branded to your organization, easy integration with any video streaming platform, intuitive email and social media marketing tools, secure virtual check-in…we could go on! Check it all out here.  

Transform in-person elements to virtual: 

Go from a big marathon to a run-a-thon which participants can execute on a favorite route or trail. Move your silent auction entirely online. Organize the performances you had lined up for your talent show to instead be streamed, sell the tickets as planned, and, as an extra enticement, have the ticket price include entry into a raffle (or tack a raffle onto your now-virtual talent show). If this time has taught us one thing, it’s that virtual fundaisers, events, and meetings are totally a thing! Meaningful, impactful experiences can be created, especially when you have the right tools. 

What if virtual fundraising isn’t a fit?: 

There is no need to put on a brave face and not ask for help. You can still go online with crowdfunding or a monthly giving program. Lean heavily on social networking to reach your target audience and be honest about how the pandemic is hitting you hard—detail what you need and clearly list what any donations will go toward. After all, we’re all in this together!  

Looking for more tips on how to set up a virtual fundraiser? Visit our fundraising guides or browse our blog.

About Eventgroove: We make it easy to start and run online events and fundraisers branded to your organization. Our mobile-friendly platform is packed with tools to make promoting your events through email outreach and social sharing easy. Plus, Eventgroove can accept funds, handle the tax-receipting for donations, and deposit monies directly into your account, leaving you more time to focus on the cause that matters to you. 

Want to see Eventgroove in action?

We’d love to show you! Schedule a one-on-one demo with our expert sales team.

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