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An easy-to-use fundraising system for effective a-thons

Stir up excitement among donors with a terrific a-thon fundraiser experience.


Streamlined. Your organized dashboard allows you to accept pledges and donations per lap, per hour, per anything.


Flexible Pledging. Donors can choose whether to donate a flat sum, or pledge per unit.


Automated. Manually collecting funds for your a-thon is a thing of a past! Now, when your a-thon ends, the platform automatically charges your donors.

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Perks of Using Eventgroove Fundraising

Manage your a-thon

Manage every aspect of your a-thon in one place. Easily add participants, track donations, & add updates for your donors.

Motivate participants

Get supporters excited to participate in your a-thon! Offer prizes for supporters who reach certain pledge goals.

Branded content

Customize your a-thon fundraising page for your brand. Add your own logo, banner image, and customize your URL.

Easy Promotion

Effortlessly boost your pledges with social sharing, campaign email, our embeddable widget, and Mobile Giving.

Team fundraising

Enable team (peer to peer) fundraising for your a-thons. Plus, track progress and reward the top teams with prizes.

Hands-on support

Remember, our team is here to guide you every step of the way so you can put our powerful software to work.


 How much does running an a-thon cost?





Stripe payment processing

2.2-2.9% + $0.30 per transaction


Our ingenious tipping system allows the generosity of donors to cover platform costs.



  • Completely optional
  • Donors may leave a tip during checkout
  • Complete access to all features ono the platform
  • If donors don’t leave a tip, you still don’t have to pay the service fees


Set a fixed percent for your campaign and decide who will cover the fee.



  • Choose who pays the fee
  • 7.5% of pledges and donations
  • Great for large organizations with set budgets
  • If donors pay, there’s no cost to you!

Stripe will deduct 2.2% + 30c to process each credit card transaction (or 2.9% + 30c if not a nonprofit)

Frequently Asked Questions

Creating your first Eventgroove Fundraising a-thon?

Here are answers to our most often asked questions.

What a-thon activities can I create with Eventgroove Fundraising

Any kind of a-thon you can dream up (Hack-a-thons! Art-a-thons! Horse-riding-a-thons!) can be created with Eventgroove Fundraising.

Our unique ‘pledge-per’ functionality gives you the ability to assign any unit of measure to your a-thon. Jog-a-thons can take pledges per mile. Spell-a-thons can take pledges per word.

Can I create an a-thon with one participant?

Yes. Single participant a-thons are common, where only one person is completing an activity and collecting per-unit pledges for their cause.

How do I record a-thon activity results?

Campaign organizers or individual participants can enter activity results into the Eventgroove Fundraising system at any point during or after the fundraiser.

For example, a person participating in a spell-a-thon would add the number of words he or she spelled. That way, the system can calculate results and charge donors for their pledges.

Results don’t need to be recorded at the same time, which means participants may enter results when they are finished—handy if your a-thon runs for an extended period of time.

When are pledge donations processed?

When the campaign ends, you’ll need to confirm that all activity results are in to finalize your a-thon. Once you’ve finalized, the system will calculate each supporter’s total donation based on what they pledged and the activity results entered.

Then, the system will automatically charge each donor’s credit card with the amount, followed by a receipt and a thank-you email to donors.

Can a pledge supporter pledge an unlimited amount?

Yes, if they choose that option. When a supporter makes a pledge, they can indicate the maximum amount they’re willing to donate. They will never be charged any more than that, even if the per-unit pledge activity exceeds their limit.

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