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Ticket price


Service fee

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Processing fee

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Ticket price


Service fee

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Processing fee

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Service fee

There’s a a small service fee of 2.0% + $0.50 per ticket. Most event organizers choose to add the service fee to the ticket price so buyers pay slightly more for the convenience of purchasing online and there’s no cost to you. The service fee is per ticket sold so if you don’t sell any tickets or have a free event you won’t be charged. 

Fee Cap

We cap service fees at $9.90 so no matter your ticket price, we will never charge more than $9.90 per ticket.


Eventgroove Events does not charge a service fee for donations, however payment processing fees from Stripe/PayPal will still apply. 

Free event?

Free events get free service! If you’re not charging your event attendees, we won’t charge you either. You won’t have to set up a payment account or enter any financial details.

Payment processing

We recommend Stripe for processing ticket payments.

2.9% + $0.30

per transaction

  • Service fee is deducted at time of transaction. So the funds that are deposited in your account are 100% yours.
  • Funds are deposited within a few days of when transaction occurs.
  • Issue refunds directly from your event dashboard.
  • Compatible with reserved seating events.

Fee calculator

Use this calculator to determine a breakdown of fees. Enter your ticket price, chosen payment processor, and who will pay service and processing fees (event host or buyer). Click calculate, and you will see the service fee and processing fee, as well as the total amount paid by the buyer, and how much the event host  (you) will collect. 

Frequently asked questions

Who pays the fees?

You, the organizer, can pay the processing and service fees, or you can add them to the price of the ticket for your buyers to pay. We don’t charge a service fee for free ($0) tickets.

When will fees be collected?

Stripe users: All service and processing fees are collected at the time of transaction, so no extra work for you.

PayPal users: At the end of each month, we’ll calculate our service fee, and send you an invoice. You can pay it by logging into your account and selecting Invoices in the left navigation. PayPal collects their processing fee at the time of transaction.

When do I get paid?

Funds will appear in your bank account after each transaction. PayPal transfers the funds shortly after the transaction, Stripe transfers the funds within a few days. 

Can I change payment processors?

Once you’ve started selling tickets, you won’t be able to change your payment processor. So make sure you’re getting paid to the right account before you publish!

Can I switch payment accounts?

Yes! If your payment account is under the same processing service, you can switch accounts even after ticket sales have started. 

How do I issue refunds?

Stripe users: Issue refunds right from the left menu of your event dashboard.

PayPal users: To refund a ticket purchase, you’ll need to log into your payment processor account (you can’t refund within Eventgroove). If you refund an entire transaction, the changes will automatically be reflected in your Eventgroove account. However, if you only refund part of a transaction (i.e. 1 out of 3 tickets), you will need to manually update that information in your Eventgroove account.

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