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Welcome to Eventgroove

We’re invested in your success, and will be with you every step of the way. In most cases, you will have a completed setup within two weeks of your strategy session.

Number 1

Strategy Session

Talk with our team to determine which solutions will set you up for success, and get a demo of the features we offer. If it’s a good fit, we’ll schedule an onboarding session (usually within 1 week).

Number 2

Onboarding Session

Use case. Tell us how you plan to use the platform.

Priorities. Tell us what’s important to you so we know where to focus our training. There’s so much our platform can do!

Payment. We’ll walk you through our billing process and gather any requirements.

Branding. Before we move on to step 3, we’ll need all your brand assets.


Timeline. Typically, you’ll be up and running within 7-10 days! However, to set accurate expectations, we want to understand your unique requirements.

Training Plan. We’ll devise a custom schedule aligned with your organization’s size and training preferences.

Account Structure. Do you run a large organization with distributed chapters/teams? We’ll configure your account accordingly.

Number 3

We Configure

We’ll add your brand assets and set up the functionality you’ll need to get started. Unless you require a more customized configuration, this is generally completed within 7-10 days of your onboarding session.

Number 4

Training Time

Your Eventgroove team member will show you your platform. They’ll explain the key features you’ll need based on the use case and priorities discussed in step 2. They’ll also assign you a little homework. 

Number 5

You Build

This is your chance to get to know the platform on your owm. Follow the guidance (homework) you received in step 4. While you work, make a note of any questions you have. 

Number 6


Together with your Eventgroove team member, you’ll go through the work you did and ask any questions. Larger organizations may require more than one follow-up session.

Number 7

We're here for you...forever

Our business model is we are only successful when you are successful, so we will never leave you hanging. Our support team is amazing, and here to help with anything you need.