Realize ultimate fundraising flexibility with all in one

Mix and match all of our fundraising components to build your one-of-a-kind online fundraiser 

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Create the fundraiser of your dreams

Raffles, auctions, crowdfunding, sales…build a single campaign with multiple ways for supporters to give and get involved.


Flexibility. Select as many fundraiser types as you like! All your fundraising components will appear together on a single page, making it easy for donors to contribute how they want.


Viral sharing. Inspire donors to become ambassadors for your cause! Prompt them to share your fundraiser on social networks with incentives. 


Simple transactions. Donors check out on a single page that details all the fundraising components  (from raffle tickets and auction purchases to merchandise) they have decided to purchase. 


Page builder. Configure your fundraising page to reflect your brand and cause. Choose in what order fundraising components appear as well as what they are called. Customize buttons and item display.

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Perks of using Eventgroove Fundraising

Manage your fundraiser

Run every aspect of your fundraiser, from custom calls to action and item listings to raffle drawing specifics.

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Custom listings

Create auction items and list them in groups with multiple quantity options per item.

Branded content

Create a fundraising page that reflects your brand—add your own logo, banner image, customize your URL, and more.

Peer to peer

Enable team fundraising and track progress as well as reward the top teams with prizes.

Hands-on support

From building your fundraising campaign to utilizing our platform’s powerful tools, our team is here to guide you every step of the way! 

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Six fundraiser types

Mix and match raffles, a-thons, auctions, crowdfunding, sweepstakes, and sales fundraisers to build your unique fundraising campaign.


 How much does running a raffle cost?





Stripe payment processing

2.2-2.9% + $0.30 per transaction


Our ingenious tipping system allows the generosity of donors to cover platform costs.



  • Completely optional
  • Donors may leave a tip during checkout
  • Includes complete access to all features on the platform
  • If donors don’t leave a tip, you still don’t have to pay the service fees


Set a fixed percent for your campaign and decide who will cover the fee.



  • Choose who pays the fee
  • 7.5% for all fundraiser types except auctions
  • 4.5% for auctions
  • Great for large organizations with set budgets
  • If donors pay, there’s no cost to you!

Stripe will deduct 2.2% + 30c to process each credit card transaction (or 2.9% + 30c if not a nonprofit)

Frequently Asked Questions

Creating your first Eventgroove Fundraising campaign?

Here are answers to our most often asked questions.

What is the benefit of running an all-in-one fundraiser over separate campaigns?

The primary reason is an improved donor experience. With an all-in-one campaign, your donors can participate in all of your fundraisers with a single checkout process. Additionally, organizers have access to all the related reports in one dashboard. The total raised on the campaign is cumulative of all campaign parts.

Can I add more than one specific campaign type (for example, multiple auctions)?

The all-in-one allows only one of each campaign type to be included. Our recommendation to control auctions would be to hide items you may want to keep for a live event and unhide them the day of. This will allow all items to be processed at the close of the auction simultaneously.

Can I use different end dates?

Yes, you can either choose to keep all parts of the campaign on the same timeframe or you can opt to close them at independent times.

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Launch your first fundraising raffle online with Eventgroove Fundraising!

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