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As any nonprofit organizer knows, raffles deliver. Since 2019, fundraisers on Eventgroove alone have raised $1.4 billion dollars!

However, not all campaigns are hugely successful. Wouldn’t it be great if there were a data-backed, research-based manual to help you get the most out of your organization’s fundraiser?

There is one now!

Drawing on over 20 years in business, the Eventgroove team has spent the last several months mining our data and reaching out to our customers to create our new, first-of-its-kind eBook, “Raffle for Success: Insights and Strategies for Successful In-Person, Virtual, or Hybrid Fundraisers.”

Covering everything any nonprofit should know about running a successful fundraiser, it includes data, insights, and the experiences of nonprofits who are raffle-hosting superstars. Download it now for free.

8 Raffle Best Practice eBook Takeaways

Number 1
In-person raffles are the undisputed champ of raffle earnings, but thanks to the pandemic and the speedy adoption of technology, hybrid raffles (merging virtual and physical raffles) are an up-and-coming contender.
Number 2

The average raffle ticket price is about $14, and on average, fundraiser organizers ordered 1,500 printed raffle tickets. However, the secret to pricing tickets lies within your fundraiser’s cost and your audience.

Number 3
Virtual raffles have a place at your fundraising strategy’s table. This is because you can run one longer than a single day and repeat it as many times as you want. Some of our customers have raised over $170,000 in a single online raffle!
Number 4

The length of your online raffle campaign plays a role in its success—many organizers on Eventgroove opt to run their online raffles for an average of 56 days. However, depending on your fundraising goals, shorter and/or more frequent events may be more effective.

Number 5
Combining your raffle with another fundraising campaign is the way to go. When Eventgroove users paired their raffle with another campaign type, the average revenue per campaign more than doubled. A raffle paired with an auction has proven to be particularly effective.
Number 6

27% of US states don’t allow online raffles, and many states have regulations such as credit card use restrictions. Charity sweepstakes, however, are legal in just about every state. Since November 2019, $2,399,365 has been raised by sweepstakes organizers on Eventgroove. While raffle fundraisers have made more overall, the average sweepstakes revenue on Eventgroove is 59% higher than what we see with raffles.

Number 7
No matter what kind of raffle or its prizes, length, or ticket price, behind every successful raffle, there is a thought-out marketing plan.
Number 8
In the UK, lotteries (as raffles are known there) are just as effective, but while they’re legal, the rules are vastly different!
There’s more in-depth analysis, insights from nonprofit experts, data, advice, and other raffle intel from Eventgroove customers in our free eBook! Click the button below to download your free copy.