Your cause may be worthy, but selling raffle tickets to strangers gets a whole lot easier with great prizes. Sourcing exciting prizes is a snap if you have a sizable budget or are connected to a sponsor willing to donate a trip to Paris, but what if (like most of us) you’re limited in both respects?

With your target audience in mind, use the following fail-proof raffle prize ideas to inspire action.

  1. Services: Catering and spa treatments might leap to mind, but brainstorm beyond the obvious into the everyday. How great would it be to have someone clean your house, pull weeds, wash the car, shovel the walk, or do some painting? Household tasks are something everyone would love the chance to outsource (even once). You can even get creative with how these chores are accomplished. If you’re hosting a raffle for a school, maybe the prize could be a coach or teacher coming to mow the lawn!
  1. Fun Stuff. Think hard about your network. Is someone within your organization an artist, dog trainer, personal stylist, professional organizer, photographer, piano or scuba teacher? Raffle off their skills! We don’t know about you, but we’d sure buy a raffle ticket that could result in custom artwork, dog training, family portraits or any class that falls into the category of “not in the family budget but wouldn’t it be cool if…?”.
  1. Gift Cards: On the surface this may seem a little pedestrian, but gift cards are really awesome. What student wouldn’t LOVE getting a gift card loaded with several pizza dinners? Given in conjunction with a similarly themed item, they can be great raffle ticket sellers when chosen within the context of your fundraising target audience.
  1. One-of-a-Kind Items: Signed sports memorabilia, artwork, and antiques generate buzz as well as sell raffle tickets. An added bonus is that one or two of these might be in your own home.
  1. Gift Baskets: This raffle prize is a go-to because they work! They also happen to be fun to put together and handy if you’ve got a scattering of donated items that need a little filling out to become thrilling prizes. The key here is to pick a theme and be creative. A “honey-do” gift basket could include the basic toolset gifted to the cause by your local hardware store, a relevant service, a gift card for lunch, and maybe even one of those camel backpacks so the winner’s honey doesn’t have to stop for so many breaks!

What other great raffle prizes have you had success with?

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