How to Ask Companies For a Raffle Prize + A Sample Prize Request Letter

May 19, 2021

How do you ask businesses to donate prizes to your raffle?

With a bit of preparation and a strong raffle prize request letter!

Below, we detail the steps you’ll need to take to set your mission up for success. There is also a sample raffle prize request letter to help get you started. If you’re looking for raffle prize ideas, we’ve got those, too! In an earlier article, we shared 5 Raffle Prize Ideas That Sell Tickets.


Raffle Prize Prep Work

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Make a plan

Figure out how many prizes you want to raffle and how many of those you want to be big attention-getting ones.

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Cast a wide net

Create a list of various businesses that you think could donate great prizes. The longer your list, the better off you’ll be because you’ll be sending out lots of requests rather than a handful. Don’t focus on big companies—instead think local.  Consider those that might not get many requests, such as tattoo parlors, dog grooming salons, dog trainers, pole dancing studios, mechanics, bridal shops, pottery schools, karate studios, rock climbing facilities…you get the idea! Less obvious businesses can deliver fabulous raffle prizes and are more likely to participate for the good press and potential foot traffic. 

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Personalize your request

Get on the phone and determine to whom you should direct your request.  Once you have the person’s name, address your email or letter directly to them as it’s more likely to be seen. If you happen to talk to the right person on the phone, that’s even better—they’ll pay more attention to your letter requesting a raffle prize donation.

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Send out letters

Our raffle prize request letter template below shows you how to ask for donations. Just remember, the more personal you can make your request, the better. Keep track of when you send out letters, to whom, and the responses. Include that information in the spreadsheet you’ve created to keep all your information organized.

Sample Prize Request Letter

This example of a prize request letter will help get you started! As a bonus, it includes tips and best practices on elements to always include in your ask.

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Follow up

After sending out your prize donation letters, wait a week. Crickets in response does not mean ‘no.’ It likely means your contact got busy! In this case, send a follow-up email. Just be sure to use your spreadsheet to keep track of who you’ve reached out to a second time.

Want more great raffle advice? Check out our other raffle articles (this one on how to price raffle tickets is super popular). If you’re looking for affordable, top-quality printed raffle tickets or a fundraising platform through which you can host an online raffle, count on Eventgroove for that too!

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