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Sustainable Events: How to Organize Attendees and Reduce Waste

Creating  sustainable events is kind of like starting a healthy habit—it starts with making a lot of small changes that culminate into one big difference! For example, one step event planners can take is to revise how they manage ticketing and organize attendees.

Sustainable events + ticketing

One way to cut down on waste for in-person events is to commit to digital ticketing. In addition to being easier on the environment, digital tickets deliver an efficient guest check-in experience. When you use an events platform, your event staff can simply scan guests in using their mobile phone! The potential downside with digital ticketing is crowd control—organizing people can be challenging as there’s no way to tell in a glance whether a person is a paying guest or has access to the VIP area.

The solution for instant visual identification is wristbands, but then you’re back at square one as far as minimizing admission waste and paper use. Or so you think!

Wristbands + green events

Eventgroove event bracelets may feel and look like especially durable paper, but we print them on Tyvek. DuPont, the maker of Tyvek, has long been committed to sustainability. 25 years ago, they established sustainability goals and were among the first companies to appoint a Chief Sustainability Officer. That focus on climate responsibility aligns with our commitment to minimizing our environmental impact.

Additionally, Tyvek is 100% recyclable and non-toxic. Dupont states that,

“Because Tyvek® is a high-value recyclable material, we encourage recycling. However, if landfilling is necessary, Tyvek® is an inert material, and will not leach harmful compounds into groundwater. Tyvek® can be safely incinerated and, under optimal conditions, will lead to only the release of water and carbon dioxide, leaving no residue. In fact, it can even be used as fuel, yielding more than twice the energy value of coal, and as much energy as oil, in terms of BTU rating.”

As a business, Eventgroove is committed to fighting climate change. Production at our Montana facility is 100% powered by wind energy, we donate 0.5% of our revenue to carbon removal, and every order shipped in the domestic US is 100% carbon neutral. Even our web hosting service is generated by 100% hydroelectric power! Find out more about our sustainable practices and how our partnership with Stripe Climate offers event organizers the option to mitigate their event’s carbon footprint by requesting donations for carbon removal at checkout!

Wristband recycling tips for event organizers

Before the event:
  • Guests will feel good knowing that there is something they can do to help. Make sure to let them know you’ll be gathering wristbands and paper products after the event as part of your event’s sustainability efforts.
  •  Plan to set up marked wristband recycling bins at all event venue exits to make it even easier for guests to drop them in as they leave.
  • Make sure to mention on social media posts that you’re actively trying to minimize waste, and link to a page that provides details. When you email attendees event information, again include your recycling plans.
During the event:
  • Keep up the communication! Even though you’ve already told guests about your recycling efforts, it’s easy to forget in the moment. Remind everyone that their wristbands are recyclable and remind them where they can find designated bins within your venue.
  • Stay in touch in real time. If you’re using the Eventgroove platform, we’re mobile-optimized and integrate with Twilio—you’ll be able to text guests before and during the event.
  • Ask your emcee to make regular announcements about where to drop their wristbands (and any other recyclables).

 How to recycle Tyvek wristbands

Once you’ve gathered a bundle of event wristbands, you can get them recycled. Depending on your area’s recycling policies, you may be able to deliver them directly to your area’s recycling center. Otherwise, DuPont will recycle them for you! Simply mail them to:

CFS Recycling
337 A Industrial Drive
Petersburg, VA 23803

Browse all our print-on-demand Tyvek wristbands, and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our Montana-based customer support team.

Stay tuned for more sustainable event management and planning tips on the Eventgroove blog! Also, if you’d like to learn more about our actions to combat climate change, please visit our Climate Commitment page.

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