Giving back to conservation

The natural abundance of clean, renewable wind power provides 100% of our energy needs.

Since 2014, we have donated $685,275 to conservation organizations protecting habitat.

100% Renewable Energy

100% of the energy we use every day is 100% renewable and carbon-free: wind! We are located just 2 miles away from one of the largest windfarms in the Rocky Mountains. When you see and touch your stunning products from Eventgroove, you can rest assured that they were created with 100% renewable, 100% carbon-free energy.

Stripe Climate

We donate 1% of our net revenue to climate initiatives. Eventgroove uses Stripe as our payment processor. Thanks to Stripe Climate, we’re able to automatically donate 1% of our revenue to various climate initiatives from our Stripe dashboard.

Carbon Neutal

100% of Eventgroove’s shipments distributed across North America are carbon neutral. Carbon neutral shipping lets you demonstrate your commitment to reducing climate impact. Carbon neutral projects have included reforestation, landfill gas destruction, wastewater treatment, and methane destruction.

FSC® Certified Products

We are FSC® certified. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) promotes environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial, and economically viable management of the world’s forests. FSC® certification ensures responsible use of forest resources including paper made from environmentally sustainable forests.

Beautiful Recycled Paper

100% post consumer recycled paper, bleached without the use of chlorine with zero tree consumption: New Leaf Reincarnation Matte! We searched and tested to find the perfect recycled paper that would not compromise any quality. We found it! New Leaf Reincarnation Matte consumes ZERO trees and its manufacturing process results in 50% less emissions.

Efficient Operations = Less Energy Consumption

Our quality assurance programs ensure minimal paper byproduct, and rarely require reprints, which consume excess paper and toner. In fact, reprints are less than 0.6% of total sales. We also run an efficient operation so our overall electricity use is conserved. We have a robust telecommuting program, and now over 60% of our workforce telecommutes.

Earth-Friendly Printing

Xerox dry ink toner is non-toxic and does not generate hazardous waste. We print your beautiful products on Xerox Color 1000 digital presses which use dry ink toner exclusively. This is the result of careful selection of materials and control of the raw material ingredients. Prints made with Xerox dry ink toners are readily recyclable using standard de-inking processes.

Recycling Wastepaper

We recycle all paper byproduct from our operations and all shipping and packaging cardboard and paper.

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