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Enable peer-to-peer fundraising to get the most out of your fundraiser with Eventgroove Fundraising

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Engage additional supporters through peer-to-peer fundraising

Your team members can help you reach more donors through social sharing


Flexible. Any organization can enable team fundraising on any fundraising campaign.


Customizable. Your team will be able to create and customize their own personal fundraising page.


Organized. You can create groups of participants, such as classes or age groups, in order to organize group data, and track group participation.

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Peer-to-peer fundraising allows others to assist you in your fundraising efforts. When you set up your campaign, you’ll be able to choose whether or not to enable team fundraising. You’ll create a participant page that includes information about how participants can help your cause, and potential incentives they might receive. Participants can register directly from the page, and create their own fundraising page that they can share with friends, family, and their social network. Donors will be able to credit their donation towards a particular participant (or group). Funds raised by the participants will be added to your fundraising campaign. 

Team management

Simple dashboard

Create and manage your teams from a simple dashboard. Choose whether participation is by invitation only or open to the public.

Participant center

When you enable peer-to-peer on your fundraiser, you’ll notice a participant center automatically on your fundraiser management. Use this to manage participants and teams who join your effort.


Data on each participant is available in your dashboard. Fundraising goals can be set by organizers or participants themselves.

What’s in it for them?


Leaderboard. Participants can track their progress in many places throughout the platform. Badges and thermometers encourage healthy competition.


Incentives. Offer prizes and incentives to highly engaged supporters.


Flexible accessibility. You can choose to make participation public (anyone can become a supporter) or keep it private (supporters must be invited by you).

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Mobilize your team and reach your fundraising goals

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