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Running a single event is complex.

Running and scaling a distributed events program is a league of its own.
For a job that big, you need one solution to keep your entire events program on-brand and seamlessly operated by your chapters. With Eventgroove, you can simplify, monetize, and scale your multi-tiered events program. We’re more than a ticketing and event registration platform (although we excel at that, too). Our all-in-one event management solution streamlines everything event aggregators do—from maintaining brand continuity and managing their teams to event creation, ticket sales, marketing, and data collection. Plus, you can count on friendly customer support from our Montana-based team. We firmly believe that our customers are our partners, and that your success is our success. We will be with you every step of the way.

Optimize operations across a distributed events program

Your organization’s markets, hierarchy, and workflows are unique. Why MacGyver it to fit within cookie-cutter templates or pay extra fees for a custom configuration? Manage your events program on your terms with no red tape or additional costs. Our flexible event management platform is meant to be configured to mirror your chain of command, workflows and event needs. Assign roles to regional directors, local event organizers, and volunteers, then designate permissions. Create templates for in-person, virtual, and hybrid events that your distributed team can click to copy. You can review and manage all your current and future events across your distributed teams from one place.

Effortless brand management

Your chapters will find setting up and marketing events doesn’t require reinventing the wheel. Since you’ve set the branding and event page templates, local event managers can copy and create repeated, successful events at scale. Your integrated ecommerce storefront supports your distributed teams, too. Once you curate the products and establish branding, your event organizers can then customize and seamlessly order the tickets, posters, postcards, and merch they need.

Monetize events at scale

When your event workflows are streamlined, you can supercharge your monetization and scale. With Eventgroove, your core event operations are met across your organization, transforming your events program into a revenue stream. Our solution enables advanced ticketing, data collection, print-on-demand ecommerce, and integrated fundraising for nonprofits. Your ecommerce storefront drives revenue two ways—make it private so your event team can order pre-branded print products and merchandise, or you can sell event merch to attendees

Data for every event across your organization under one roof

Data from all your organization’s events is a treasure trove of insights into your entire program. Use it to generate myriad reports from your dashboard to help scale your growth. It can also be easily fed into your CRM through our flexible webhooks for CRM integrations. All your data is yours—we neither hold on nor have access to it.

Your success is our success

An all-in-one event and fundraising solution is what we are, but customer service is what we’re about. We genuinely value our event aggregator partners and are here to support you every step of the way. Expect a dedicated team to help configure your events platform the way you need to scale and monetize your events successfully.