Fabulous Equinox Orchestra

All across America and around the world, audiences have fallen in love with these two sophisticated Southern gentlemen and the high-energy show featuring the Fabulous Equinox Orchestra.


Eventgroove is simple to use. Super easy and super user friendly, we couldn’t ask for more.

–Jeremy Davis & Clay Johnson, Founders


Events service

  • Virtual events. Use virtual events feature in combination with Facebook Live to stream live and pre-recorded concerts.
  • Custom ticketing. Created a “you choose” ticketing plan so attendees pay what they can afford.
  • Donations. Accept Donations for various supporting causes at checkout
  • Personalized branding. Event pages use custom event branding with background header and side images.
  • Centralized hub. Use Organizer Profile to display all upcoming events on a single page.
  • Maximize funds. Use Ticketing page throughout the live stream to accept funds.

Eventgroove has helped us pay our bills and feed our children, yes, Eventgroove helped us feed our kids!

–Jeremy Davis & Clay Johnson, Founders

Video Transcript

Hello America!  How are you doing?  I am Jeremy Davis and this is Clay Johnson of the Fabulous Equinox Orchestra. We have enjoyed a long partnership with Eventgroove, probably at least 15 years. 

As performers we have always been looking for the best way to monetize our shows, a solution that was different, streamlined, and user-friendly. Eventgroove is perfect; they have made it so easy for us to partner with them and they have been so incredibly nice.

The implementation of Eventgroove has been easy.  In fact, it has been really easy for us to implement and for our fans to participate. We have a great very relevant story on how easy Eventgroove is. Every single week we do a livestream show that we sell tickets to. We have a remarkable fan, who is 90 years old and who is not computer savvy. Each week, she goes online and purchases a $100 ticket  with her credit card. If that doesn’t tell you how easy Eventgroove is then I am not sure what will.

Eventgroove has been a great partner to us especially when the Covid Crisis hit and all — and I mean ALL – our work went away instantly.  We had been using Eventgroove prior to that (as we mentioned for 15 years) for our own shows.  When Covid hit, we decided we needed to create something on our own, and so we started doing our online streaming shows. For virtual events, Eventgroove turned out to the best and most valuable partner anyone could ever ask for.  They also noticed as well — our livestreaming shows — and contacted us.

What was happening with us and what we didn’t realize it at the time is that we were laying the groundwork for a new phase of our business.  We have been able to save probably  10 different gala shows that went away due to Covid. These are gala performances that we would have brought our big band and played for a large audience to help a non-profit raise money. All those events went away. Well because we’ve been using Eventgroove successfully and monetizing our live events, those events are now virtual events now, and we’ve been able to get those back on the books now.  We’re still doing these shows but they’re virtual and Eventgroove is the key part of that actually. 

How we use Eventgroove is probably a bit more creative than your average bear. We not only use Eventgroove to sell virtual tickets to shows, but we sell sponsorships, VIP experiences and and we even used it to sell tickets to Israel for an entire group travel package for our tour of Israel.  We sold out the entire group packages all on Eventgroove. 

Covid is a new kind of season that we’re in; we lost all the work but we were able to recapture some of that through online. We were able to raise $80,000 for our nonprofit organizations such as Direct Relief. Without Eventgroove we would have been in the dark.

Eventgroove has helped us pay our bills and feed our children, yes, Eventgroove helped us Feed our Kids! (which is a good thing!).

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