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Big Sky PBR

Built from the sagebrush up, the seven-time award winning Big Sky PBR has grown into “Big Sky’s Biggest Week” – a week of community events including three nights of action-packed Touring Pro Division PBR bull riding, fundraisers, vendor village and more.


They really do take time to learn and immerse in our events so they truly understand. Their attention to customer service is a personal touch that you don’t really get from other providers out there.

–Megan Paulson, Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer





Events service

  • Ticket plans. Custom-built ticketing plan for multi-day event with music performances.
  • Consistent branding. Printed posters, tickets and flyers as well as on online ticketing page
  • Unlock codes. To make specific ticket types only available to groups of people (chamber of commerce).
  • Branded tickets. Create, manage and sell online tickets under the Outlaw brand.
  • Simple check-in. Use mobile devices to allow volunteers to easily check in attendees at the gate.

We’re able to implement our own branding, our own logos, colors, and styles, everything like that which makes Eventgroove a great flexible platform.

–Megan Paulson, Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer

Video Transcript

When we first started PBR, we were selling tickets on spreadsheets and checklists and things like that so we realized pretty quickly that we needed a sophisticated ticket partner to sell, manage and run logistics on tickets. 

Some of the things that we like best about the Eventgroove Platform is that it is super easy to use. We have a lot of different people on our team that are using the system from ticket check-in to logistics on the ground and so it’s really user-friendly. 

From a pricing standpoint, it’s awesome that Eventgroove doesn’t actually charge us for use of their platform until we start selling tickets, so we’re able to build in cost for processing also for ticketing fees if we desire for each event so it’s a very cost-effective an easy solution to implement.

We’re pretty unique in the fact that Big Sky PBR sells out in a matter of minutes, so Eventgroove has always been really helpful in increasing bandwidth on their servers to accommodate such a rush. 

Another great thing about Eventgroove is their attention to customer service. I mean we work directly with the owners, the developers and even our account managers to get whatever needs that we have addressed. I have their cell phone numbers and direct lines to any of their team as needed as well, which is this a personal touch that you don’t really get from other providers out there value for

A huge value for  us at Outlaw and Outlaw Events and it has been the ability for us to customize the Eventgroove page. People don’t know that we’re using Eventgroove on the surface because we’re able to implement our own branding, our own logos, colors, and styles everything like that which is a great flexible platform.

Another thing that they’ve done really well is continue to add tools that make their system relevant through the years this year.  They have added new nonprofit fundraiser options for our clients which have been really cool to be able to apply that to our clients and give them more resources.

We  just recently started using their online ticket scanning which allows us a really smooth transition between people coming to the events, getting them checked in and then into the venue itself.

The Eventgroove Team has been super helpful whether it’s ticket transfers, refunds or even rolling things over from year to year depending on what we need. 

It’s been really cool to see Eventgroove grow as our events have grown as well, they send their team members to our events just to be an extra backup if we need it. They recognize the importance of what we’re producing and it’s it’s great to see their team really embrace our events and be a  support mechanism if need be. 

I think they really do take time to learn and immerse in our events, so they truly understand it and I think it’s that level of understanding that allows them to give us a better product and to bring us through the process full circle.

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