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Reduce Your Event’s Carbon Footprint with Eventgroove!

April 20, 2022

As humans, we want to do everything possible to fight climate change. As a Montana-based company, protecting the natural world is in Eventgroove’s DNA, and we’ve built our business around that intention. Since the day we opened our doors, our actions have established us as the sustainability leader in the event and fundraising platform sector. (more on our longstanding sustainability initiatives).

The focus of our next step in taking action against climate change has been on carbon removal and helping our customers do the same for their events. Now, we’re very proud to announce our new partnership with Stripe Climate, bar none the leader in carbon-removal initiatives.  Says Lance Trebesch, Eventgroove CEO, “Since 2007, we’ve had an unwavering commitment to the environment and have worked with major conservation organizations who cumulatively have saved over 105,000 square miles (about the size of Colorado) of habitat. Partnering with Stripe Climate aligns with our long-term sustained commitment to conservation and climate change, and it encourages our over 650,000 customers to do the same.”

What is Stripe Climate?

Launched by Stripe, the Stripe Climate program is focused on investing in innovative technologies whose purpose is to capture and store CO2.  Get a comprehensive explanation of Stripe Climate here

How does Eventgroove’s partnership with Stripe Climate help my event reduce its carbon footprint?

  • In a first for Stripe Climate, Eventgroove event and fundraiser organizers will have the option to request donations for Stripe Climate from guests at checkout.
  •  Eventgroove has committed 0.5% of its revenue to Stripe Climate, at no cost to our customers…and we’re the first events platform to do so.

Why is carbon removal essential?

Most climate models agree that to limit climate change (and reduce the rise of our planet’s temperature by two degrees), the carbon dioxide in our atmosphere must be drastically reduced. This objective can be met if humanity can reach net zero CO2 emissions by 2050. To do this, we must avoid pumping more CO2 into the atmosphere and by removing what’s already out there. 

What does Stripe Climate do with the money?

Stripe Climate directs 100% of contributions to fund projects working to store carbon, such as planting trees and soil improvement. But reforestation is not enough—new technologies need to join the fight. Through the purchase of carbon-removal credits, Stripe Climate also provides much needed funds to innovations outside the biosphere. An example of this (via Stripe Climate) is “directly capturing CO2 from the atmosphere and injecting it into stable rock formations underground or sequestering CO2 in concrete via mineralization.” Here is an article detailing Stripe Climate’s recent carbon-removal purchases and the research that backs those investments up.

What else does Eventgroove do to promote sustainability?

  • We’ve donated 42% of profits to conservation organizations since 2007. 
  • All Eventgroove shipments are 100% carbon neutral. 
  • Our Montana offices and production facilities run on 100% wind energy and follow rigorous recycling and energy efficiency protocols. 
  • To further reduce our carbon footprint, Eventgroove’s web hosting is carbon-free.
Eventgroove is proud to work with Stripe Climate, and we encourage our customers to include the option of a Stripe Climate donation to guests at checkout. Together, we can fight climate change and preserve our natural world!

Want to see Eventgroove in action?

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