Eventgroove is please to announced our new, improved resource for local raffle laws.

While states’ rights may be hotly disputed when it comes to some controversial issues, they’re alive and well in the realm of prize draws. Every state in the union (along with Washington, D.C.) has its own particular laws governing the sale of raffle tickets and games of chance. Depending on where you live, selling raffle tickets may be a free-for-all, a carefully governed option for certain non-profit organizations under the strict auspices of the state gaming commission, or just downright illegal. (And even then, at least one DA has written up guidelines for circumventing these rules.)

We recognize that our customers are working hard to earn more money for their particular causes. The last thing you need is a legal hassle. That’s why we’ve compiled links to help direct you to the statutes for your area, and, in some cases, the downloadable PDF files that you’ll need to fill out to get your permit and start selling raffle tickets!

Printing raffle tickets is easy at Eventgroove, and our state raffle law resource helps makes your job even easier.