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Carbon removal combined with Eventgroove’s carbon-neutral shipping and 100% wind energy becomes another pillar of Eventgroove’s long-standing commitment to helping event organizers run climate-friendly events. 

April 21, 2022 –Eventgroove, whose fully integrated, all-in-one event, fundraising, and e-commerce platform helps customers execute wildly successful climate-friendly events and fundraisers, today announced its partnership with Stripe Climate.  

In a first for Stripe Climate, Eventgroove will be the first event platform to offer event organizers the option to mitigate their event’s carbon footprint by requesting donations for carbon removal. In addition, Eventgroove will commit 0.5% of its revenue to Stripe Climate, which directs 100% of contributions to fund early-stage carbon capture technologies, helping them to scale on a global level. Both efforts dovetail with Eventgroove’s longtime focus on conservation and habitat protection. 

“With Stripe Climate, we will now offer our event customers the ability to mitigate their event’s carbon footprint through carbon removal. This builds on our extensive work with conservation nonprofits who save more and more habitat every day,” said Lance Trebesch, Eventgroove CEO. “Since 2007, we’ve had an unwavering commitment to the environment and have worked with major conservation organizations who cumulatively have saved over 105,000 square miles (about the size of Colorado) of habitat. Partnering with Stripe Climate aligns with our long-term sustained commitment to conservation and the climate, and it encourages our over 78,000 customers to do the same.”

Since its inception, Eventgroove has relentlessly focused on conservation and sustainability:

  • Eventgroove has donated 42% of its profits to conservation organizations since 2007.
  • All Eventgroove ecommerce shipments are 100% carbon neutral.
  • Eventgroove’s Montana production facilities run on 100% wind energy.
  • Eventgroove’s web hosting is carbon-free.

Eventgroove’s actions to promote conservation and combat climate change have established it as the sustainability leader in the event and fundraising platform sector. 

“We are excited Eventgroove will be the first event ticketing platform to offer Stripe Climate to its event host customers. Eventgroove is making it easy for any of their customers to support scaling new carbon removal technologies through Stripe Climate,” said Hannah Bebbington of Stripe. “In order for the world to hit net-zero targets, we are going to need to radically reduce emissions as well as scale carbon-removal capacity. The collective action from the tens of thousands of Stripe Climate users is enabling meaningful progress in carbon-removal technology development—and it only takes a few clicks to set up. We hope many more platforms follow Eventgroove’s example!”

Stripe Climate was launched by Stripe, a global technology company building economic infrastructure for the internet. Stripe Climate is the world’s first product that allows any online business to contribute funds to technologies that remove CO2 directly from the atmosphere. These investments are supported by a group of outside advisers composed of leading academics, scientists, and experts.

About Eventgroove

Eventgroove is the premier one-stop integrated events and fundraising platform pioneering a radical customer-centric, climate-friendly approach to event SaaS and e-commerce. From simple event ticketing and donation pages to more complex multi-location events and concurrent fundraising campaigns with an e-commerce storefront, Eventgroove enables its customers to manage, market, and execute events and fundraisers from one place completely under their brand.

Eventgroove serves over 78,000 customers annually across the nonprofit, entertainment, education, sports, faith, and civic sectors. Eventgroove operates in the US, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

About Stripe Climate

Stripe Climate allows any business to automatically direct a fraction of its revenue on Stripe toward carbon removal technologies—in under a minute. To date, tens of thousands of companies across 40 countries have joined in these efforts, helping provide a critical demand signal for new technologies.