Which one of these things has been given away in a raffle?

A. House
B. Car
C. Puppy
D. Gun
E. Meat
F. All of the above!

Okay, so those top two are probably pretty obvious, but the answer is F: all of the above!

  • There are organizations set up across the country to help homeowners and non-profit organization meet to set up raffles for homes of all shapes and sizes. Those looking to raffle off their car have even more options, as many organization narrow down their field to specific types of cars, from age to make.
  • In 2008, some “teacup” dog breeders (“teacup” dogs are bred to be smaller than normal) in California held a raffle for one of their puppies. One can only hope they went all out, perhaps with little dog biscuit shaped raffle tickets!
  • In 2009, a candidate for the leader of South Carolina’s National Guard held a fund raiser at a firing range. He held a barbecue fundraiser, as well as a raffle for a semiautomatic AK-47! The raffle not only served to raise money for his campaign, but also brought him a great deal of attention.
  • But for uniqueness on a consistent basis, there are few things that can compare to the Minnesota tradition of the weekly meat raffle. Every weekend, in bars across the Land of Lakes, patrons at select local watering holes can hand over a dollar for a chance at winning a select cut of meat. Not only is this unusual ritual great for creating business for the bars, the meat is from local butchers, so it’s a win/win for the Minnesota economy.

The more unique the prize, the more unique you can make your tickets, and the more attention you can bring to your event. A charity in England once raffled off a hot air balloon ride – proving that the sky really is the limit when it comes to raffles!