There’s no question that a roll of raffle tickets, a great prize, and some hard work can do wonders for a worthy cause. But there’s one cause, in particular, that benefits even if it’s not the focus. That’s because raffles aren’t just friendly, they’re eco-friendly!

Trees Are the Answer

One of the great things about raffle tickets is that, if made properly, they produce little waste. If done correctly, any paper that isn’t used when the tickets are printed can be used to produce the next batch, and so on and so forth. Less waste means less paper, and less paper means more tickets from fewer trees! Since Raffle Tickets can be created and ordered online, this also cuts down on the amount of paper being used – not to mention the amount of time you can save!

Earth, Wind, and Fire

Here’s another thing to consider when thinking “green” for your raffle: Where does the energy come from to both create and transport the tickets? Advancements in alternative energies like solar and wind power mean that raffle tickets can be produced using renewable energy. Delivery companies also have alternative sources to turn to, like natural gas, which cuts down on the world’s consumption of oil.

Earth Day, Every Day

Limiting waste and using renewable energies can go along with any raffle – but what about one that makes being Earth Friendly the focus? Imagine Raffle Tickets that are designed to look like small trees, or perhaps featuring a small image of an endangered species? Tickets could be purchased with bags of recyclables instead of money. There could be smaller prizes, like a tree planted in the winner’s name. As for the grand prize, a home visit from a designer or architect who specializes in green homes would be great. If a car sounds better, make it one that gets great gas mileage, or go one step further and make it a hybrid!

No matter what the focus or prize, there’s always more than one winner in a raffle: the lucky ticket holder and the environment!