On Saturday, February 27, a devastating 8.8-magnitude earthquake tore across the South American nation of Chile, followed by an equally terrible tsunami. These related disasters left widespread death and destruction in their wake. To date, at least 700 people are known to have been killed in the tragedy, with more victims sure to surface. Many thousands more remain homeless in the aftermath. Full recovery for the country will be years in the making, according to all estimates.

The American Red Cross responded to the disaster with an immediate $50,000 pledge from its International Response Fund, intended to bring immediate relief where help is needed most. Eventgroove salutes the valiant efforts of this organization.

In support of the Red Cross, we will be donating $1 from every order you place in the month of March to the Red Cross. Make your events count a little more! If you’re planning to place an order with us in the near future, why not go ahead and order today? If you were undecided about your plans, why not let this added bit of charity be the incentive to create your own Event Kits?

Eventgroove supports the recovery efforts in Chile and the work of the Red Cross around the world. We’re proud to donate some of our profits to a worthy organization and hope you’ll join us in supporting the recovery efforts.