Holidays provide the perfect occasion to host events. They give you a reason to gather folks together to celebrate. With a central theme to plan around, it’s easy to come up with event ideas. Not only do holiday events and fundraisers help bring members of your organization together, they give individuals reason to pause and remember,get down and just have fun, or feel charitable and open their pockets. There are plenty to celebrate, so you’ll never run out of reasons to host an event.

Deck the Halls!


Planning a promotional strategy for a holiday event can be a fun occasion for your entire organization. Your group has a chance to be creative and choose collateral that really fits the occasion. For big holidays like Christmas, Hanukah, Thanksgiving and Easter, you can print event tickets with the iconic images of the season. Deck your posters with boughs of holly, your flyers with dancing dreidels, your invitations with turkeys and maple leaves and your event tickets with bunnies and springtime blossoms.  Just choosing and printing event tickets is enough to get your group in a festive mood and let that spirit of the holiday carry through to the whole event.

Smaller holidays like New Year’s, Halloween and the Fourth of July are excellent days to hold big events, as well. They are fun and festive and party throwers and goers alike are in the mood to have a great time. For these kinds of celebrations you can print event tickets that are designed to up the celebratory mood of your guests and let them remember the occasion for years to come.

Seize the Day!


Sometimes you plan events to celebrate a certain holiday, and sometimes holidays give you a reason to celebrate. When you want to organize an event or fundraiser, seize the opportunity to plan it around a special day. There are many smaller holidays all year round. Choose one and go with it! Consider Cinco De Mayo, Super Bowl Sunday, Earth Day and St. Patrick’s Day. All provide great themes to plan a party around. You can choose matching designs when you print event tickets and promotional materials  for your event, and at the same time you can raise awareness about your organization.

Days to Remember


Of course, some holidays provide us all with reasons to reflect. You may gather your community together  on Memorial Day or Pearl Harbor Day to pay homage to fallen soldiers. Or, you might host an event on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day to remember and discuss diversity. When printing event tickets for these occasions, you may choose a design with a more somber or understated theme.

Planning the Right Promotion


One great thing about planning holiday themed events is that they already have a built in theme. You don’t have to go too far to find ideas. You can plan your event promotion and manage your event ticket printing online. It’s easy to customize your materials using an event ticket template. Simply choose the design, fill in your details and print your event tickets. You’ll be on your way to the perfect promotion and the perfect holiday event.