What town had the most volunteers per capita in World War II?

Not Chicago, Atlanta, or any of the big cities, but a small town in central Texas named Kosse.  Back then, almost half of the population left Kosse to fight as well as help with the war effort. Many did not return.  That tradition of selfless giving continues today—Kosse is known as a little town with a big heart!

Kosse also happens to be the home town of Kenda Eckols, one of the founders of Kosse Cares Inc.  Named in honor of her town’s history and its residents’ caring nature, Kenda explained that, “Kosse Cares was formed in 2014 in order to support our military in a positive way with quality care packages worth over $150 each.” Those care packages bring cheer to in-state and deployed military when they’re at their most homesick—right before Christmas. Last year, Kenda told us that Kosse Cares was “able to send extra packages to deployed units, men and women who were in ‘tight spots’ and living off MREs.” Imagine how amazing it would be to receive a package filled with delicious snacks and considerate gifts when you’re far, far away from home during the holidays?


Kosse Cares care package

Though Kosse volunteers do the procuring and packing, paying for all the thoughtful items within the packages is achieved through fundraising.  The fundraising goal of Kosse Cares is anywhere from $15,000 to $20,000 annually, an amount which Kenda says is “enough to pay for over 100 care packages. Any extra left over is directed toward special request care packages or is donated to a military cause such as the PTSD Foundation in Houston, TX.”

Kosse Cares fundraising raffle ticket

In support of that, Kosse Cares holds an annual gun raffle to raise the necessary funds.  Selling all 300 raffle tickets is essential, and when we asked Kenda her advice how to put together a successful fundraiser, she shared that “when a cause is good and organized, it will sell itself. But it takes communication and results that are positive. For example, we always put a big thank you picture of our military addressing their supporters. They (the supporters) can see their purchase made a difference!” Just scroll through the Kosse Cares Facebook page and you’ll see a bunch of pictures of men and women serving who are delighted by the receipt of their care package. Looking at those shots makes you smile back!  Those who contribute must feel so good knowing they’ve made an impact, and those who haven’t may be inspired to do so.  Additionally, Kosse Cares advertises their raffles in local papers, on Facebook, and through word of mouth, all of which helps them meet their annual goal.


Kosse cares fundraising raffle invitation

We are honored that Kosse Cares chose Eventgroove for their raffle tickets and invitations! The reason, Kenda explained, was our quality product and that our tools and templates are easy to work with—which makes us even prouder. To buy raffle tickets for the Kosse Cares 12 guns raffle or to contribute, visit the Kosse Cares Facebook page and send them a message.