Whether your school is putting on a fundraiser carnival and you want to get all the parents, teachers and students involved, or you’re touring with your new band and want to see plenty of faces at the venue, you’ll need to manage a campaign that will generate interest in your event. Throughout the course of your promotion, you might manage an online marketing plan, rely on word or mouth, or print event tickets, posters, flyers, invitations, and other promotional materials that raise your visibility.

Online marketing helps you reach a wider audience, share detailsand market event tickets. Buzz generated by friends, family and fans is  great for grassroots marketing, and physical collateral gives your event a real world presence. These promotional materials, especially event tickets, can be the most powerful tools in your marketing plan.

More than Just an Event Ticket

Take a moment to consider event tickets. Obviously, you’ll need admission tickets to get folks through the turnstiles, but that’s not their only use. Custom printed tickets can serve several important functions at your event.

Marketing Tools—When you design event tickets for your occasion, you have a choice. If you’re thinking only of function, any tickets will do. However, the admission ticket may be your attendees first point of contact with your event. So much more can be included than a simple “admit one.” Imagine how including formal branding and event details can raise profile of your event.

Crowd Management and Tracking Tools—Secure, numbered tickets with perforated stubs can be useful in the management of people into and out of your event and at particular venues within it. Custom tickets allow you to maintain the integrity of your event. Secure numbering and detachable stubs allows you to track the flow of guests into the gates. Selling Drink Tickets and custom passes, such as VIP passes, before the event allow you to manage concessions and activities quickly and safely. They allow you to keep cash exchanges more centralized and secure.

Raffle Management—A well designed ticket is essential for the management of a fundraising raffle.  It’s important for your raffle tickets to not only contain important details, but they should also have secure numbering, detachable stubs and room for the guests’ details, as well. These tickets aren’t just meant to get guests through the gate. They’re used to manage the entire lifecycle of the raffle. Event organizers can track ticket buyers through the numbering system, and the stubs are used for the raffle draw.

Door Prizes—Much like raffle tickets, a well designed admission ticket can be used to manage door prizes. Ticket sellers can hold onto stubs when guests come through the gate and announce winners throughout the event. This encourages folks to hold onto their custom event tickets throughout the occasion.

Memory Management—A great ticket might be the only souvenir a guest takes away from the occasion. Why not make it memorable? Strong imagery and branding will help the memory of your event to remain with your guests far into the future.