Amusing Secondary Uses for Event Badges

Sure you can always use Event Badges for their intended purpose: securing the site of your conference or convention. You can even use them for other common purposes, like workplace or campus security. Or, you can take printing to a new level. Consider some unusual ways that you could use professionally printed name tags.

  • Press Passes: Mid-size blogs and newspapers can provide their reporters with a little extra professional credibility by issuing professional-looking press passes—Event Badges printed with the company name and logo, along with the reporter’s name.
  • Party Favors: Gathering together friends from all areas of your life? Spice up your party with fun name tags. Add amusing pictures and interesting details about each guest to serve as ice breakers.
  • Student Mixers: Back to school activities, especially for college freshmen, can be daunting. Printing Event Badges for orientation helps the kids and the administrators get to know each other more quickly.
  • Fun and Games: Consider all the ways you could use printed Event Badges to spice up any gathering. For instance, print everyone’s name, but pass the IDs out randomly, so that people must mix and mingle to find their correct tag. Or print badges with the names of superheroes, cartoon characters, or Hollywood stars; everyone gets a new identity for the night.
  • Espionage: Paper badges in plastic pouches are perfect for hiding small, flat items. When everyone is wearing a similar badge, swapping them out is an easy way to sneak things around under everyone’s nose.

Well, perhaps not that last one! But then again, you never know. Event Badges in plastic or paper, worn with lanyards or bulldog clips, are fast, easy, and inexpensive to print, and are incredibly effective at their primary purpose: identification!