Using Quality Waterproof Wristbands for a Multiple-Day Event

Big events can translate to big fun, whether that means a long weekend of nonstop music, a week-long athletic competition, or a company getaway that includes your employees’ families. Large events spanning multiple days usually take place in large venues, often with a large variety of activities. If you need to control access to different parts of the overall event, high-quality, colored, waterproof wristbands do the job, so you can keep your event organized and maintain your own peace of mind about security. Wristbands are an efficient way for you to identify your guests, and DuPont Tyvek wristbands are soft, flexible, comfortable and waterproof, so your participants can continue to wear their wristbands for the duration of the event, and perhaps for some days afterward!

*Designing Your Quality Waterproof Wristbands: If you’ll offer different levels of access, you’ll want color-coded wristbands to denote who can go where. Choose vibrant and distinct colors to immediately allow access to different parts of your event. For example, a gold wristband could mean unlimited access to all parts of the event including meals, swimming pools, and so forth. A green wristband could denote special access to the vendors’ floor. Blue wristbands could be assigned to speakers, volunteers, or other special guests. Determine how many different levels of participation you’ll offer and choose the perfect colors for each.

Every Event Wristband should include some basic information, such as your organization’s name, along with the name of the event. You might also include the venue and the dates. Also, you’ll probably want include your organization’s logo. If your participants leave the event for part of the day, they’ll still be wearing their wristbands: a bold and well-placed logo on a brightly colored wristband works as a stealth advertisement: an instant marketing tool for your company and your event.

*Getting a Handle on Your Event’s Venue: All-company events in large hotels or convention centers can benefit from the use of colored wristbands. They can help your employees identify each other and ensure they end up in the right place. For instance, you could color-code based on individual employee’s status within the company. Consider offering sales representatives green wristbands that denote access to all the panels about sales and marketing, while the I.T. team gets blue wristbands for technology panels. Your vice presidents and higher ups can have access to all panels and parts of the event. You can further ensure order by color-coding the rooms, speakers, or panels themselves, so that your employees know at a glance if they’re in the right place, because their wristbands will match the space.

Or, consider the venue’s available services as you determine points of access. Will there be private parties on some nights, or receptions to which on certain levels of management are invited? Multiple dining options, or optional day trips? Event Wristbands allow you to organize and assort your guests in whatever way makes sense to you

*Making the Wristbands Durable: Make sure, too, that you create your customized, quality wristbands out of waterproof material since your participants will be wearing them for several days, and many of them may be swimming. The waterproof material will also help them last through weather and general wear during the event. Tyvek is the material of choice for high-quality wristbands. It feels almost like paper, but it’s tough like plastic, and so comfortable your guests will forget they’re wearing it. It’s even recyclable! Once they go on, these wristbands stay on until they’re cut off, so you can rest easy, knowing that they’ll last for your entire event.

*Wristbands to Work as Identifiers of Status: If your group is large and hierarchical, your wristbands’ color can indicate where on the ladder participants are stationed. This can provide the event with added texture: attendees can identify others with the same level or position, or, if they seek to move up, they can determine with whom they may want to communicate with during the event. These delineations can also motivate your employees to achieve more. Perhaps at the next event, they can experience the prestige and privilege that comes with the next level of wristbands.

*For Families: Events for families can especially benefit from wristbands if there are to be various levels of age-appropriate activities. Color-code children’s to denote age: grade school kids will need different activities than tweens, while teenagers will need their own areas (and be grateful to you for keeping the younger kids out). Of course, this system can also help you keep older teens out of adults-only areas! You shouldn’t have to be policing the bar all week, or policing serious events for childish infractions. As an added benefit, these wristbands can help your staff determine where lost children belong if any should happen to wander away from their designated areas.

Using quality, colored wristbands that are waterproof will allow long-time use for your guests and their families. Including your group or event’s logo and name will also act as a marketing tool when participants are outside of the event itself. If you’re looking for a higher level of organization, security, and peace of mind, Event Wristbands can take you where you need to go.